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Ben should live longer ?

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yes he could been there with lee to go save clem and keep her safe

  • or he could stay dead in the alley waym, up to him.

  • he could of save clem and it would been him and clem in season 2

  • i'm just saying at least one person from the group with her like ben

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    UndeadEuan BANNED

    As much as I liked Ben, he's dead. I can accept that. So is Kenny. People need to accept that just because a character they like has died doesn't mean they can suddenly come back with ridiculous theories. You'd end up with a Johnny Gat typed scenario.

    • I really liked Ben, but I allways thought, from eipsode 2 (when he appeared) he was going to die... I mean he was not a really huge survivor and Lee couldn't take care of him and Clem... And poor guy everyone either saw him as a kid, or someone that already had the age to take care of himself... h had the wrong age for an appocalypse

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