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Will we see a group in Season 2?

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This has really been on my mind the description of ep. 1 makes it seem like she's just alone fighting for survival. Though according to the walking dead wiki two other characters have been confirmed. Will we see a group in season 2 or will it be different that season 1? Because I am so torn on what will happen in ep 1 no group? Or some type of group?

  • i think there will be a group again. its way easier to survive in a group than alone.

    SPOILER (400 Days)
    Havent finished it yet, but read something about the Characters you play, if you make the right decisions all of them will join the same group at the end, i wonder if we'll see all this people again in season 2. we have to, what sense would 400 days make otherwise?

  • I'm calling it...It's Woodbury. I've had this theory ever since I finished Season 1, then my theory grew stronger and more possible after 400 days. It's going to happen just you fucking wait!

    • im not sure about woodbury, the guy on the radio says, they wanna build a "fine" group and stuff.

    • It is absolutely not Woodbury...
      Why would the game take the same path as the comic or the tv serie ?
      It will only make it very bad...
      Do you think that Telltale guy's are so unimaginative to come with a shit like that ?
      I think that this season 2 will be community centered, when season 1 was group centered.
      Human are getting reorganised and they gather in big community, there is not only Woodbury in the WD universe...

  • I think it'll be varied very much so in Season 2, at times Clems alone, and she moves on from group to group, that's my guess.

    • I love your avatar and that comment made me think a lot, that's actually really possible I feel like what you taught Clem will change how she acts to new groups of strangers.

  • I really do hope we see a new group, it was a big and interesting part of season one

  • You ha o have a group, the all dynamics of the game is to interact with other charatchers and personalitys and see how you act around each other. SO yes you have to have a group, taht's more or less consistent, I mean you can't just create a bond with new charachers every episode and leave all you have created behind.

  • I think there will be a group at some point. I'm not sure how big (though I'm pretty sure we'll see Tavia and whoever went with her to camp at some point) or how long it will last but I think it's highly likely there will be a group at some point.

  • I thought 400 Days made it pretty clear season 2 was heading for a "Woodbury" type of storyline, they did say the actions of Season 1 and 400 days will play out in Season 2, the only way that makes sense is to have Clementine join the same community that the 400 days crew were invited to. My guess is that Clementine will meet them in the second half of Episode 1, and the Season 2 will show the struggles of the community from Clem's point of view. Sort of like what the show is doing now with all the people living at the prison. It provides lots of new story and choice possibilities that differ from what Season 1 was doing.

    • Why does it to be Woodbury...
      Woodbury was bad... It was hiding the truth of a violent new world...
      Or as i understood Tavia, they don't seem to see zombies as a joke...
      They need people in her community, do you understand ? They NEED !!
      Woodbury was like : "yes come with us ! = ) " "hi ! can i join you ?" "hey man do you think i am mother Theresa ? Just die and let me take your stuff moza fucka !!! "

      • I don't mean the actual Woodbury, just a place similar to Woodbury or Alexandria, a large community of 30-50 people. There's alot interesting dilemmas and decisions they could throw on you in that kind of setting that they wouldn't have been able to do with a small group like in season 1. Like Crawford from Ep. 4 before it fell to the Walkers.

  • On the twitter AMA, they mentioned that the story was going to be more branching than in season 1. Instead off going to different places, what about joining different groups of people? Maybe you'll have to decide whether or not to join a small group of survivors at some point in the story.

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