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Playing as Clementine will this season be darker then season 1 or take a step backwards?

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I have been thinking about this all day and I'm truly not sure how to feels about this move. Did the direction that TTG has taken improve the user experience of this game or make it worse? The game is rated M for Mature. In the forum we have already seen passionate threads on swearing, wider range of sexual identity, and nudity.

I'm not sure how I feel as a adult playing a mature game as a child. The simple fact that your playing as a child limits your choices. My problem is I'm not sure the experience can become darker with harder choices when compared to season 1.

Lee being a adult allowed for so many options. I for one feel that Lee should have had the option to had a benefits relationship with Carley or Lilly. As a adult you were able to establish yourself the leader of your group if you choose. You were expected to make tough decisions like who eats and who does not, should we cut off this limb or not, should we steal this or not, and many more that a child just would not be trusted to make.

I wants to see a darker more intense season 2. I wanted to see more situations like a child getting bit and deciding to cut the affected limb off or not. Have any of you ever seen the movie alive about the rugby team who gets stranded in the alps. Besides being a true story they were forced with the very difficult decision to eat their dead to survive.

I sure hope I'm wrong and TTG finds a way to make it all work but I fear that season 2 will take a step back. I believe the last of us pulled it off because you only played as the young girl for a short time of the story. She was also a teenager and closer to being a adult then a child. As last season came to a close Clementine is more of a child then a adult.

How do you feel about this? Do you think that this season will be darker, scarier, more intense then season 1? If so how? If not how?

  • I didn't like the last of us at all. Oh, and Telltale WILL pull this off...They have to

  • Boy I hope your right. I'm not a big first person shooter fan but I did enjoy TLAU. I do prefer the story driven stories that TTG puts out though.

    All I keep thinking about are so many situations that can't be brought in to season 2. Something that made season 1 so exciting was that anything could happen. Making adults play a mature game as a child could be a disaster if TTG shy's away from hardcore situations.

    A good example for me would be how amc has handled the television show. Carl has had to make some pretty difficult choices.

    I personally feel that if there are no situations that compare to Carl having to put down his mom after the baby was born then this game has taken a step back.

    Again Carl is a teenager though and moving closer to a adult then a child. Clem is closer to a child more then a adult. The game would have to jump years for Clem to be closer to a adult.

  • @gamerguy Where do you know her age?

    That child looks 10 years old at the oldest.

    Hell ING has her at 8 or 9.

    There is no way that child is a teenager unless there has been a leap of years between season 1 and 2......

  • @gamerguy

    You don't need a calculator to figure how old she is.

    The story arc is supposed to pick up right after season 1 ends. How are you getting that age of early 11.

    She just turned like 9 according to ten creepy guy at the end of ep 5 I think.

  • I trust them. They havent done me wrong yet and if they decided to make Clem the protagonist, they've already figured out how to make it work. It will most likely be darker because as a child, she'll probably have a harder time of things not to mention slowly losing anything of her childhood. Carl from the comics and show had to face a lot of dramatic and painful choices that made him grow up before his time. I see the same thing here.

    • Carl is much older on the tv show.

      If they can pull off Carl from the comics TTG has a shot, but IMO that is a big if. The cards are stacked in the opposite direction though. Carl had a dad as a police officer. I don't know of any cop that did not teach his son how to shoot and protect himself.

      Seeing how they played their hand I really wish Lee lived now.

      • Carl isnt that much older. He's supposed to be around 12. Anyway, I think people are panicking too soon. We can only wait and see what they do with it and how it works out. Telltale knows what they are doing.

  • We'll see. One things for sure she won't be wielding Lee's badass wood chopping axe unless she puts on about 40lb of muscle.

    • I'm really glad they apparently gave her a claw hammer as her main weapon. It's pretty rare to see a character wielding one of those since they tend not to look as badass as other weapons. But it fits her size perfectly and even calls back to how she met Lee.

      "I thought about dropping a hammer on your head." "What? Why?" "In case you were up to no good."

  • It could go either way, to be honest. No, there is unlikely to be any more sex in Season 2 than there was in 1, since Clem is far too young for it to be either realistic or tasteful. Yes, she's likely to swear a good deal less than Lee.

    But on the other hand she opens up a whole variety of new themes to explore. She's a little girl who has seen the deaths of everyone she ever really knew, including dealing with the loss of both of her parents and Lee in rapid succession. What does that do to a girl her age, especially one who has no time for proper grief but has to keep moving and fighting just to survive? Unlike Lee, there is virtually no way she can rely on brute force to survive, in any circumstance. So how does she keep alive? How does it change her, having to do the things necessary to survive in this world, without Lee there to do those things for her?

    I think issues like that and others open up a lot of potential for very mature subject matter, made all the worse precisely because the one experiencing them is still a child, even if by necessity she is mature well beyond her years.

    Basically, summed up: making a ten year old the protagonist of their game could be a brilliant move or an absolute catastrophe, depending on the skill of the writers. I will show a little faith until my faith has been shown to be misplaced.

  • I loved the swearing in Season 1 :C.

    But Clem is affected by everything and she will obviously become more mature, so i'm sure she will become more "brutal" later on, though that's obviously up to you now :D.

  • There is a reason every single image of season 2 is at night. This season is going to be dark. I would imagine its going to focus and emphasize how truly alone Clementine is. Things will feel much bleaker, and any light in the game is only going to be used to show how dark everything else is.

    On a side note, I really hope there are some cases where you can respond to characters with : "Swear.". Not all the time, of course, but I'd like to see that option come up a few times.

    • Heh, imagine Clem telling Nate not to swear if she ever ran into him...

      • Or worse, she runs into Negan and tells him not to swear XD

      • Funny thing is though, Nate might try to take Clem under his wing. He does have a good side (he didn't have to give Russell a ride, and even if you try to kill him, he saves your life).

        Still, I see him, and I am running away as fast as possible.

        • I liked Nate :P he's the anti-hero walking dead needs. I would loev to see him again in season 2, eevn if we have to kill him or something after, but I agree he has a good side, he just goes all psycho eyes over some stuff :P

          • Anti-hero might be a stretch. After all, he didn't have to kill the old couple. While I appreciate the "you try to kill us, we take you out" mentality, the old guy's story made sense. He could have put the rifle in the parking lot, taken some food, and driven off.

            Either way, I hope he shows up somewhere.

    • That's silly, she said swear to lee because he was her father like care taker

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