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Where is...Kenny?

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As you all probably know, Kenny was the character that touched our hearts. Being Lee's sidekick, he was a true friend. But then, he decided to be left to the horde of zombies. But, I'm a true believer that he's alive. Here's some proof:

    • After Kenny shoot Ben, you'll lose sight of Kenny. But 1 or 2 seconds later, on the very left edge of your screen, you see a fady figure run away. And it's got a green shirt and a hat (Kenny).
    • When Lee climbs the ladder, we get to see from the building below. We might be capable to see Ben dead, but no sign of Kenny's corpse.
    • Doesn't take a lotta brains to figure out getting eaten alive is painful. Why didn't he scream? Everybody does when in huge pain.
    • Have you seen the latest episode of the TV Series? Tyrese killed a mob of zeds and escaped. The zombies on the alley were a lot less. So, Ken's a strong guy, he coulda've gotten pass.

But what I think is strange: Howcomo didn't Omid and Christa see anything? Was Ken perhaps a ghost all the time and evaporated? Or did he escaped through a sewer hole like Lee did in Episode 4?

But we still have to determine if you didn't saved Ben from falling of the bell tower, then Kenny falls into a building. This time, we only see him vanishing. Its better this way, cuz Ken coulda've just exited the building, by going down the stairs, or the elevator pit.

So, what's your thoughts on Kenny? Do you have any proof of his death or aliveness?

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