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German Subtitle or Synchro

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Will you release german subtitle or better german synchro only in complete box with all episodes?

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Deutsche Texte oder Synchronisation ist bei Telltale gegenwärtig oft nur in Kooperation mit deutschen Distributionspartnern (z.B. JoWood, Activision, Daedalic) möglich. Diese Deals ergeben sich tendenziell eher zum Ende einer Staffel hin, oder sogar erst lange danach. Da diese Partner jedoch dann meist darauf bestehen, ihre Sprachversion in Deutschland als Retail exklusiv zu vertreiben, ist das Erscheinen einer 'Box' in diesen Fällen eigentlich gesichert. Allerdings hat es meines Wissens von "The Walking Dead" nur eine deutsch untertitelte Version, nie eine deutsche Sprachversion gegeben.

    (German text and voices in Telltale's games presently still often hinges on cooperation with a German publisher or distributor (in the past: JoWood, Activision, Daedalic). These deals usually only emerge towards the end of a Season, sometimes even far later. As these partners usually insist on distributing a retail version with the German text/voices exclusively in Germany, chances for a 'boxed' release in the case of those deals are actually pretty good. Still, as far as I know, there was only a subtitled, not a 'talkee' German version for "The Walking Dead".)

  • Ein anderes Problem bei einer deutschen Localisation ist, dass im deutschen Rotkäppchen der Woodsman ein Jäger ist

    • Also Snow White from the Seven Dwarves' tale is Schneewittchen, Snow White from the tale where she has a sister (Rose Red / Rosenrot) is Schneeweisschen. In Fables comics both these characters are reunited into Snow White (she's the one with the seven dwarves, but also has Rose Red as sister)... this is facilitated by the complete homonymy in english, but in german it's not that simple.

      (Sorry I didn't answer in german, I can read it, but making my own sentences is another thing)

      • schneewittchen and schneeweisschen is the same, witt is "niederdeutsch" for weiss, its just a german dialect

        edit: the woodsman did appear in some flashbacks in the comics, so i wonder whats he called in the german version?

        • I know, I speak a little dutch and in this language she's Sneeuwwitje, pretty close to S(ch)neewittchen (niederdeutsch and nederlands are closely related), so I had already figured out witt was dialect for weiss and that both names had the same meaning.
          But I had the impression that even though both names meant the same, Schneewittchen referred more precisely to the Seven Dwarves' Snow White whereas Schneeweisschen referred specifically to Rose Red's Snow White, establishing a difference between the two. Am I wrong on this ?
          What would a German choose as best name for Fables' Snow who is both characters ?
          Just curious.

          • Well, i never thought of Schneeweißchen and Schneewittchen being the same. Although one is dialect it's still a different name, isn't it? Sort of like Jesus is just one version of Joshua. And still it's "Jesus" and not "Joshua", on which a major religion is based. So even if the names are just translated versions of the same name, it still are different names, in my opinion.

            I am german but not that educated on Fairy Tales and Fables. So I would think they are in deed different persons and not compatible in a german version to be the same person, where Schneewitchen is in deed the one with the dwarves and Schneeweißchen the one with the sister Rosenrot. Schneewittchen is by far the better known story, so Snow White in Fables would surely be Schneewitchen and then just pretend that the other story is called Schneewittchen and Rosenrot.

            Or they could just use the english name, which fits better in the Fables universe. She shouldn't be named anything ending with "-chen", makes her look small and weak. And in today's world english names are used everywhere. We don't translate names of american/english TV-Shows/movies/books into German, we just use the names they have (Hermione being one exception I can think of right now). So my suggestion is to call her "Snow White" in German to fit her personality and back story, because Snow White is her name.

            The story that's supposed to be translated is "Fables" or "The Wolf among Us" and not "Grimm's Märchen". Regardless of the fact the first two themselves are based on the latter.

            • Danke sehr :)
              You're lucky that german translation is not obsessed with translating every f-ing thing like french translations.
              France voicedubs and translates everything possible, sometimes (not always, but happens too much) to the point of ridicule... (Can you believe that in french version of the Simpsons, they rewrite even the songs in french and make french voice actors sing it ?)
              That's why I prefer original versions.

        • Its not true. Schneeweisschen and Schneewittchen are different charcacters in german tales.

          Little Snow-White = Sneewittchen

          Snow-White and Rose-Red = Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot

          Fore more information.:

          • not the same character, but its still the same freakin' name. this is just like saying "wurstbrot" und "wurststulle" are not the same thing, one is hochdeutsch, the other is not.

            • I disagree. It's more like John and Johannes, isn't it? These are two versions of the "same" name, but not actually the same name. If you ask someone "who is Schneewittchen?", they will say the one with the dwarves. Nobody would say Schneewittchen has a sister named Rosenrot. So the "different names" (although just versions of the same name) make them distinguishable from one another.

              How would you call Snow White from Fables in a german version?

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