Save files?

I recently had to wipe my computer's hard drive and reinstall my OS from scratch.

HOWEVER, I had the presence of mind to save my Walking Dead save files and upload them to a cloud service.

When Season 2 comes out, will it be looking for the saves based on where it saved them in Season One or will we just be able to point Season 2 towards the save files manually?


  • I would like to know about this too.

    I purchased season 1 direct from telltale, but due to horrendous experiences with telltales abysmal technical service and laughable customer service i want to get season 2 direct from steam. Will it be possible to use the direct saves in the steam version, or two be able to re-choose any pertinent choices again?

  • Your best just placing them back in the steam file or something, just to be safe.

  • Well hopefully.

    However, have they ever fixed the bug with save files and steam versions of season one? Where it saved the files in one location but read them from another, so it seemed like your files were deleted every time you relaunched the game and you had to keep moving files?

  • well.

    I just installed the game and it looks like my saves are intact without me having moved them. So the Steam cloud will take care of it, if you purchased it through that service.

    I suppose the question is still valid for people who bought it through this site.

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    Im not sure how much can twd1 could actually affect 2 though, as most of the characters from 1 are dead at the end. Seems like no answer is forthcoming (typical TT customer service) so i will definitely be buying from steam.

    Its a good job for telltale their games are so good to make up for them being so shonky in pretty much all other areas.

  • Exactly this.

    I don't want to get burned again by buying direct from TT, but would like to know before release whether standalone season 1 save files can be used in the steam version of season 2

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    ignore this, posted in wrong place

  • According to this mod if we buy season 2 on steam then the TT saves should be recoginised automatically.

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