So will we find out in "All That Remains" who those two silhouettes were?

One of the biggest questions left by S1 were the mysterious silhouettes seen by Clem during the post-credits cliffhanger. Now that we know Clem is S2's PC, can we safely assume we'll find out their identities in the first episode of season 2? Or will we simply jump ahead in Clem's timeline without any straight answer?

IMO, I don't think Telltale should leave the identities of the silhouettes dangling in front of us like a carrot. If we weren't playing as Clem, keeping a secret like that would make sense, but now that we are Clementine, everything she knows, we should know in turn, as she's basically "us". Otherwise, locking that kind of reveal away from the player could alienate us from Clem before S2 even begins.


  • maybe Clem turned and ran before she found out who it was?

  • I'm thinking (and hoping) that season 2 picks up exactly where season 1 left off. Perhaps season 2 will start where season 1 left off, and be about her journey to find Omid and Christa (or whatever you told her to do at the end of the first season.) I personally think Clem would get a closer look at who the figures were, so hopefully we will find out who they are. Maybe they are just walkers, maybe they are Omid and Christa, maybe Tavia and someone else? They could even be leyland and Bonnie. I think we will find out who they are though.

  • What about the broken thing on the ground just before she saw them?

  • What broken thing? See was looking at shell casings.

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    What about the broken thing on the ground just before she saw them?

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