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CSI 3 Dimensions of Murder - Case 3 - Daddy's Girl

posted by Frit on - last edited - Viewed by 1.9K users

I'm stuck on Case 3 Daddy's Girl?!... I have analyzed all the evidence from Carrie's appartment, Lucy's Office, the Boyfriends and spoken to the Nurse at the Hospital... And, asked from 3 hints from Sara.

But now I can't anymore hints from Sara, program to skip at this point, and even though I have enough evidence to get at least one warrent, Brass tells to get more evidence, and the Doc just shrugs his shoulders! and Sara is not speaking to me anymore?!... Is it something i've said?

This is driving me nuts!... The CD very nearly did an impersonation to a frizzby out the window last night!

So please, please help!


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  • hey sam..

    actually ive got the same problem as you! :confused:

    i am very mixed up becuz i have done everything possible with the evidence (all tagged), and i was so stuck i asked sara for help. all she says is ''hey. need a hint?''. im guessing that im further then the programmmed hints.

    so if you come up with a solution, i would appreciate it if you would tell me wat it is.

  • acctually, me too. I came onto the website because I didnt wanna use any hints, because I used quite alot of them from Stan's case.
    But, now, im really stuck, and when I try and ask for hints from Sara she says 'Hey, Need a hint' and then no options come up.
    Im really stuck, but If I figure it out, Ill post it to you. And if you find out anything be sure to post it to me<3.</font>
  • I'm at the end of case 3 " daddy's girl " and all I have to do to get the arrest warrant is collect the blood evidence on the tomato juice jug but can't do it the cursor doesnn't become green to let me process it and sara tells me that there's more to be done with that item before processing it.

    Anyone can help me?
  • If you collected the blood after you first picked up the tomato juice jug then there is nothing else you need or can get from it. If you're still unable to get a warrant make sure you have collected everything from his locker and swabbed all the items with blood, and test each sample with a sample if Carrie's blood.
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