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Making decision time longer

posted by sunbreaker7 on - Viewed by 5.6K users

For me the game is extremely enjoyable and full of excitement. It is only in parts where the time in decision on what you are about to say is short, that I feel I have made a wrong decision after answering in hurry.

I am not the fastest reader out there, especially when put in a critical situation.
I know they want to put you under pressure and have a realistic answer time, but is it fair for us players who can not even read all the options in time.

I wish there was an option in the settings to adjust like double the answer time or something to give a chance for slower readers to enjoy our decisions more.

I hope Telltale games considers this with great thought, even if it would damage the gameplay in its original feeling. (This is why I suggest an option in the setting to change it, not to change it for everyone)

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