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Idea - People changing platforms / No season 1 save

posted by Chebz on - Viewed by 268 users

I do apologise if you have already read this as I posted it into the support page and not the community page by accident, so I'm sorry for that.

It might just be me that has decided to change platforms for season 2 and if so then my idea may relate to someone who has lost all their data and doesn't fancy or have the time to play season 1 again but I'm probably not alone in wondering how the choices made from season 1 will be done for season 2 if there is no save to revert to.

Now I get that if you haven't played the '400 Days' add on then those choices will be made for you when playing season 2 as it has been said that it's not a direct story add on, but as the choices in season 1 are going to be carried directly on in to season 2 I don't like the thought that they will be either randomised or set in a way I wouldn't have chose as the story line with it's harsh choices and drastic outcomes is one major reason why season 1 was so popular.

This obviously isn't a problem with anyone just playing season 2 on it's own but my idea would be to have all the option to 'set up' season 2 if there is no present saves. With either having all the major choices from season 1 in a simple multiple choice form so that the player can have season 2 the way they would like it or be able to hit a randomise button for those why aren't bothered or have no knowledge of season 1.

It might not seem like a big deal to some people and they might say "just play it again" but the choices I made in both season 1 and 400 days where the choices I lived with no matter how they turned out and buying them and playing it through again I may make different choices in the heat of the moment changing my version of the game, rather then just choosing what I had done before.

Does anyone have the same thought as me on this? or am I just too picky with my story?

  • If they are going to release Season 2 for the PS4, I'm getting it for that. Doesn't the PS4 already come with some sort of feature that allows you to transfer your PS3 account to PS4 so you can still continue games?

    • I played on the 360 and if I remember correctly the game didn't require you to make an account with Telltale, if they did then I can see how they would be able to pass your choices on as they could be saved in your account but if season 2 uses the previous saves from season 1 to determine who and what is carried across, then platform transfers seem unlikely.

      That's just my guess.

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