Telltale Autumn Sale

Can we please get a Steam key with Season Two?

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I'd like to buy the game directly from Telltale like I have for their previous releases but it's really hard to pass up cloud saves/auto-updates/achievements on Steam. Plus it would be handy to have in case there are technical problems like what happened with The Wolf Among Us.


  • Sure you can get one - if you buy the game on Steam!

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    i dont think there's a way to verify that you activated the key on your account and not on someone elses.

    people are evil, they would give away or even sell the keys.

    ive seen people doing so with all this indie-game bundles, like humble bunde, indie royal and so on....

  • Humble Bundle just unveiled their new system to prevent Steam key abuse:

    Perhaps Telltale could team up with them to distribute Steam copies?

  • I would be perfectly fine with that but honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Telltale pre-orders ended up offering steam keys like with season 1 and wolf among us. Not sure about anyone else but I had problems accessing Telltale's site in general when the REVEAL TRAILER of all thing got released and everyone was flooding in here I wouldn't be at all surprised if the highly anticipated sequel to their biggest game didn't cause even more problems upon release thus causing them to offer us steam keys.

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