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Started on PS3 want to play elsewhere

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I'm sure this is a big ask with the different systems etc but it's a shame we can't output some sort of file if we started the game on PS3 to then play season 2 on PC, PS Vita (or PS4 if it gets a release).

With the release of the new generation of consoles I'm sure many PS3s and 360s will packed away or given to family members or friends as people invest in new consoles.

Perhaps something for TellTale to think about if they intend to continue these progressive stories over a number of seasons.

  • If you bought the PS4, could you not just transfer your save data from your PS3 to the PS4 via USB?

    • I'm not sure. I guess it would be dependent on PS3 and PS4 versions (assuming there will be one) are compatible. I don't believe PS3 and Vita are CrossPlay compatible at the moment.

  • Actually, a lot of people are keeping their current gen consoles because a lot of games are still on current gen, GTA V in example but it was said by Sony that they were working with Telltale games for away to export save files from the PS3 to the PS4. Hopefully they found a way and there will be a PS4 version.

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