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Vital Option Missing From Gameplay Menu

posted by tobar on - last edited - Viewed by 651 users

The Wolf Among Us desperately needs the option to turn off the Story Notifications. It was available in The Walking Dead and it is sorely missed in TWAU.

I understand that "Clementine will remember that" became a bit of a meme and helped popularize The Walking Dead but that is hardly justification for taking away the ability to turn them off.

I'm one of those people that likes to get absorbed into a game and things like notifications and pop-up text just throw me right out of the experience. I always have notifications turned off on Xbox and Steam.

I know it was said in an interview with the developers that it helps to emphasize for the player that their every choice matters. But not all of us need that. I sweated over every decision I made in the Walking Dead and I had Story Notifications off from the beginning.

So PLEASE bring back the option to turn them off. It would add immeasurably to my and I'm sure many others enjoyment of the series.

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