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After download of episode 2 and restore, app won't open

posted by Awetzel on - Viewed by 3.2K users

Today I finished episode 1. I purchased episode 2 but the download wasn't showing up. I clicked restore and the app crashed. Ever since I haven't been able to open it. It gets to the first screen "The Walking Dead" then the screen goes black and it closes. Is there a psych for iOS 7 yet?

  • Do I need to delete the app and reinstall? I really don't want to lose my games, but I want to play. Is anyone experiencing similar issues?

  • Same here. I hit restore and now the app will open for 1 second than crash to ios home screen.

  • I want it fixed NOW! I have the receipt for my purchase of the game. Now I want the dam game!!

  • ShimKhana
    Also dealing with this issue. After completing the free episode I purchased E.2-5+400 days. Immediately after the purchase conformation the app will no longer open. Tries to load but always returns to the app screen. Have contacted apple support and made multiple posts on the developers website for resolution. Fix or refund transaction..
    Please advise,

  • Just purchased the 400-days bundle and I'm having the same issue. Why aren't they taking this seriously??

  • Telltale contacted me by email. At first, they told me just to ask Apple for a refund (seriously that is your solution)? After I yelled at them, they collected some technical info. No word on this. I am almost certain it's an iOS 7 issue. They are really shooting themselves in the foot by ignoring it though.

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      MattP Telltale Staff

      We are aware of an issue on iOS 7 that is causing a crash for some users of The Walking Dead. It does appear that this is not isolated to our game as other developers have reported similar crashes on their products. At this time we are hoping for a resolution in the next OS update (iOS 7.0.4). However, if you'd prefer inquiring about a refund, please contact Apple's iTunes Support staff for further assistance.

  • Just got the OS update (iOS 7.0.4) so how do I fix the game on my iPhone thanks. I'm getting more than a little fucked off now!!

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    tronix Telltale Alumni

    The iOS 7.0.4 update did not have a fix for this issue. We are working with Apple to find a solution.

  • Same issue. I purchased episode 2-5 plus 400days bundle pack and right after that, the game doesn't open. When will this be fixed...??

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    tronix Telltale Alumni

    Sorry you are having this issue. This can occur on iOS 7.0.2 - 7.0.4. We are aware of this issue and are working on a solution.

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