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What's the norm on spoilers from season 1

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I noticed a thread about spoilers and limiting them. It left me thinking what is the norm for discussion anything that happened in season 1? Do we still need to use the spoiler hider or just let it fly?

  • We shouldn't have to worry about spoiling it anymore. People should have already played the fucking game by now, that's their own fault. What did they expect?

  • Ha I like your style. Your a hardcore dude or dudette.

  • It's been almost a year since the last episode got released and back then moderators did a really good job keeping the forums spoiler free, i say let the mods rest theres no reason to make them work... until season 2 ;).

    People who haven't played the game should assume that the forums are full of spoilers.

  • Agreed. plus you can hide comments with spoilers now. why should we appeal to like one or two people?
    granted it'd be nice to have the spoiler forums back. but spoilers really only appeal to season 2 and TWAU now.

  • So pretty much anything that happened in season 1 can be discussed freely. Any speculation can be discussed freely. Anything that happens in season 2 as a known fact should be covered as a spoiler.

  • No. That's not how things work here. You're still expected to spoiler tag appropriately no matter how old the game you're talking about is. The spoiler tag list thing has an entry for Bone and that was like 8 years ago.

    And it might be one or two people posting about this, but there's also a shit-ton of people who may have just stumbled on here to read things after finishing episode 2 or 3 so try to keep them in mind before you haphazardly post spoilers.

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    TheDuck BANNED

    Did we really need two topics about this?

    I've made these points before, but I'll make them again.

    This forum HAS a spoiler section people could use, but instead, they post spoilers openly in their topic titles or don't mark for them appropriately. This is just inconsiderate, as is trying to blame other people. The General section posts are visible even from the main page, meaning anyone who visits the Telltale forums can get spoiled, even if they avoid the section itself.

    Also, people have the right to come here for info and help, or even to discuss an episode they just beat.

    And it's not like it takes some huge effort to not make your title a spoiler or to mark a topic for spoilers.

    And to people arguing it's been out a long time, first, that makes little difference. Not everyone plays a game as soon as it comes out. There are some platforms that still have yet to get the game. And for the record, the Vita only got the game a month ago. In other words, there are still plenty of people who have not beaten it. I don't like the entitled attitude of some people here, who think they should not have to follow the spoiler rules and be considerate.

    • "There are still plenty of people who have not beaten it."

      Don't speak for the "people", speak for yourself.

      But listen, if you don't want your game spoiled don't visit the forums until you've finished the game, simple as that. It's probably the best and only advice that will keep your game experience spoiler free.

      There's an spoiler section yes but bear in mind that some people are new to the forums and don't know about it, also there's nothing "entitled" about people wanting to discuss a year old game, same goes for movies, news, books etc. Time DOES makes a difference.

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        TheDuck BANNED

        There is no reason not to speak for the "people" here, because they not here to speak for themselves. It's simple logic.

        Like I said, I'm sick of hearing the victims getting blamed. Just don't visit the forums until beating the game? No. That is ridiculous and unacceptable. Why should people not be able to come here for info, support, to talk about the episode they just beat, etc., just because some of you can't word your titles in a way that does not spoil people or use the spoiler section or properly mark for spoilers in topics? That's not even taking into consideration the people who come here to talk about other games who have no choice but to see those spoilers.

        This entitled behavior needs to stop. The forum is for everyone to enjoy.

        • -----"There is no reason not to speak for the "people" here, because they not here to speak for themselves. It's simple logic."

          Logic would tell me that if the "people" are not here, they wouldn't care about being spoiled because... well they're not here.

          -----"Like I said, I'm sick of hearing the victims getting blamed. Just don't visit the forums until beating the game? No. That is ridiculous and unacceptable. Why should people not be able to come here for info, support, to talk about the episode they just beat, etc.,"

          And i get ya, but you have to take in consideration that the community went through that process when the episodes where being released.

          I'll be honest with ya, is it really that hard to play a 7 hour game come back and just disscuss with the rest of the community?

          I mean do you really want to come in to the forums after finishing episode 1 and speculate about what will happen in episode 2 when the episode is already out there for you to play?

          Thats what i don't get, im sure mods will enforce this when season 2 is out and with TWAU. Also you could've finished the game by now.

          • I think the conversation here can be ended if you just read this. Scroll down to 1.7. The only exception is if a whole discussion is marked as a spoiler, in which case you would only need to mark spoilers not covered by the discussion spoiler tag.

            Of course, the board this is on, like the Walking Dead spoiler forum, is also pretty hidden on the new site so again, I can't really fault anyone for not finding it.

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            TheDuck BANNED

            No, logic says that not everyone who comes to this forum will have beaten the game.

            When you just beat an episode and experience things, it is only natural to want to immediately come and talk about it. Not everyone plays through a whole game in one sitting, either. There are also people who come here for other reasons, like information about the game and to report things.

            I keep being forced to repeat myself, but there is also the fact that these spoilers are visible to the rest of the community too, not just the people who visit the boards for this one game.

            Also, there are still systems waiting for the game to be released on them, with the Vita version released only a month ago. I just beat Episode 5 and 400 Days on the 28th.

            Again, we are talking about consideration here. There is no reason why people can't mark for spoilers and avoid putting them in topic titles. The former even has special tags. There is a spoiler section no one uses, and the rules even state no one should spoil the game for anyone else. Yet people think they have the right to ignore all this and do so anyway, just because they've beaten the game. Yet, at the same time, you all don't seem to think Season Two should get the same treatment. You're only thinking of yourselves and not anyone else.

  • I discuss freely, but I use spoiler tags, so I won't spoil stuff from people who have just started playing the Season 1 and have some questions or who are otherwise browsing the forums. I use tags because I enjoyed the story and I want them to have the same enjoyment.

  • edit: this post made no sense whatsoever, just like me :p

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