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Dialogue skipping and Save migration

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  1. I hope TWD season 2 allow us to skip dialogue, just like how the X button (XB360) works in Mass Effect. This is the main reason why I didn't replay season 1 to watch the consequence of other choices.

  2. I played season 1 on PC. But I would prefer to play season 2 on iPad. Is there any way to migrate my save (the choices I made) to iPad?

  • I think you misunderstand how the game works, there is only one ending, but there are slightly different ways to get to it (Emphasis on the 'slight'). Also, the whole game pretty much is dialogue, so what would be the point.

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    UndeadEuan BANNED

    You want to skip the dialogue? I'm sorry but that's the heart of the game.. you can't skip it. Asking to have that option is like asking for an option to skip the fights because you've done them before.

    Not going to happen.

  • oh, I didn't expect this.......... I thought many people wanted this feature (dialogue-skipping).

    I mean, isn't it a common feature in many text-based adventure game (e.g. the thousands of girl-wooing PC games released in Japan every year)? And in many other games that provide choices and consequences (e.g. Mass Effect)? Because players would want to play the game again and again, make different choices each time, and watch the resulting different scenes. Although TWD has only 1 ending, there are still many different scenes during the journey.

    With dialogue-skipping, player can skip or fast-forward the scenes they have already watched, and get to the target scenes more quickly.

    • Wouldn't it be more convenient to watch those particular scenes for choices you didn't make on youtube, so you don't have skip through dialogue at all?

      • But then you don't need to play the game at all. You can just watch the whole game on Youtube.

        It's the same for all these text-based adventure games. It's about the immersiveness. Playing it yourself and watching video playback is different.

        Honestly, it surprises me that I have to explain this........... Not trying to be sacarsatic, I sincerely mean I am surprised......... As I said, this is a very common feature in these kinds of games, for years. Because many players do play them this way (multiple playthroughs, skip dialogues, dig out the scenes they haven't watched).

        • The reason you want this feature is for when you've played it to the end.

          If you're looking to be immersed you won't be skipping through dialogue. So to save yourself having to play the game for a second time, without hearing half of what the characters say just to get to a particular part, I thought you'd want to watch it on Youtube.

    • I mean, isn't it a common feature in many text-based adventure game (e.g. the thousands of girl-wooing PC games released in Japan every year)?

      You can do that in games without voice output (like pokemon or hentai games). In this case the whole game is like a movie, there's always a conversation. When you skip a talk it sounds chopped off which totally kills the atmosphere.

      • That's why I mentioned Mass Effect, a modern game with voice output that allow you to skip dialogue.

        And many hentai games nowadays have voice output too, still allowing you to do that.

        Yes, the talk sounds like chopped off when you skip a line. You even chopped off the body animation in games like Mass Effect. But I would rather kill the atmosphere for the time saved, after I have listened to that conversation for 6 or 7 times.

        It's an optional feature anyway. For players who don't want to ruin the movie-feel, they can choose not to use it.

  • I would like this as well. Hey, more option is always good as it fits the bill for more types of player. You don't want to skip? Good for you, don't skip it but not everyone has the time to replay and listen to every dialogue again. Think about others, everyone has their method of playing the game, you feel it's immersive to listen to every dialogue doesn't mean every player should be feeling the same thing and no way is the "right" way. I replayed s1 three times, some dialogue just won't change at all, I don't really mind if I can skip those parts.

    As for the youtube suggestion, unless that person choose exactly the same over the 100+ dialogue choices over the game, there's a possibility that my planned playthrough might be different.

    • Another reason not to Youtube is the endgame save. You don't get an endgame save from Youtube. XD

      Some Mass Effect diehard fans play the game more than 10 times, just to create different endgame saves, so that they can import them into the next game and see how different choices play out. It's part of the fun.

      Yes, you might be able to Youtube for this too. But as the story branches out more and more, it would become impossible to find the Youtube video same as (or even just similar to) the choices you want.

  • I admit in the beginning I missed that as well. I was so used to it from the earlier TTG games and adventures in general. Reading is generally faster than hearing someone say the line. In classic adventure games the dialogue is mostly looking for clues some character might have for you. So yes, i skip there a lot, when i finished reading the line.

    Personally for me I'm glad that that option wasn't in season 1. I would have used it, because that's what I do when I play. And I would have never found out how great the atmosphere was. Now that i know that, I wouldn't use that option anymore, so I don't care whether or not it is there.

    And i admit, when I was trying some little things, on how things turned out like when you scolded Clem instead of praising her when she went through the doggy door, would she still say "You said I was a big help" and such, I would have liked that option, too.

    • That can be solved by a simple design. Some adventure games provide the skip options only if you have already watched that scene once. And I personally don't mind this. I think the effort of the voice actors deserves to be heard at least once.

  • I don't think I'll ever understand why people would want to skip the dialogue in a game like're pretty much just skipping the game. Why even play it then?

  • What would also be nice(along with this idea) is a cinematic mode :D. Just before playing the game it shows all the choices you can make throughout it and lets you choose your answer prematurely. That way you can watch it like a movie, and still have the ability to skip parts of the dialog. Either that, or just the ability to skip dialog would work as well, a cinematic mode might be too much work :).

  • After you have finished the game once you should be able to skip dialog. Not on the first playthrough, though. It's a major inconvenience for anyone to not be able to skip dialog when you do multiple playthroughs.

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