• You again, @Feedingfrenzy91:) I like your videos a lot even though I do not agree with everything you say. Keep it up!

  • You said that you'd like to see Shel in Season 2. I totally agree, but: Bonnie is the only person joining Tavia no matter what. How could TellTale manage it to bring Shel back in season 2 anyway? Any ideas?

    • Imagine them finding the camp where the five originally were and then finding Tavia's group. Something tells me the group will come across the original camp (and if everyone left it'll be abandoned.)

      God bless.

  • I agree with seeing Adam in Season 2, because we get faced with our station wagon decision in Season 1 and the consequences. You can choose between concealing and admitting

  • One of the characters im really looking for is Nate, he is like Telltales trevor.

  • i wanna see lees ex wife

  • Hmm... I think for me the main characters I'd like to see are Molly, Omid and Eddie from 400 days but I'd also like to see Bonnie and Vince aswell. Don't really have any minor characters that come to mind.

    • Omid without a Christa? Cool, I would like to Eddie to. The only thing about Eddie is that if he were my real friend I feel like I'd have to slap him every now and again.

      God bless.

      • I'd like to see Christa too -they kinda come as a pair anyway- but I'd go for Omid if we could only have one of them. Can totally understand why you'd want to slap Eddie but he's hilarious and I really want him and Omid to meet so..
        It'll probably be easier for me to say Molly, Omid and Christa from season 1 and add Vince, Eddie and Bonnie from 400 days instead of 3 minor characters. ^^;

  • I think a better way of putting your last rule would be, "We have to know for certain that character survived." Regardless of whether you love or hate Kenny, the question of what happened to him is among the most hotly debated topics with WD fans, and it will be a hell of a surprise (and a disappointment, IMO) if Telltale doesn't provide an answer in season 2.

    But getting back to the title of this thread, my choices (excluding Kenny) would be:


    1. Becca
    2. Christa/Omid (They count as one character IMO, since they're hardly ever seen apart)
    3. Bonnie


    1. Steve (the voice heard on Carley's radio/Carley's coworker)
    2. Doug's uncle
    3. Lee's ex-wife
    • The reason I couldn't say "we know for sure the character survived" Is because we don't actually know whether the characters (Especially the minor ones) survived. Good going with Doug's uncle. Forgot about him.

      God bless.

      • Major
    • Clementine

    • Omid

    • Vince

      • Minor
    • Anna (from the crawford tapes)

    • Fivel's parent (even of nothing is mentionned about them)

    • Eddie

    1. Nate
    2. Kenny
    3. Omid & Christa
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