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More gun variety

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I know this isn't a gameplay heavy game but I was wondering in Season 2 can we get more guns besides using the same glock, berretta and shotgun. Maybe use a Colt M1911, some other shotgun and maybe see a assault rifle too. It's a minor aspect since this game is about choices that deeply affect the game and I love it, just would like to see some gun variety. If not, oh well.

  • Go play the Survival game. It has that Darryl character that's not even in the comic books and that all redneck America seems to love so much.

    There. There, you've got lots of guns.

  • A lot of peolpe who play the walking dead don't care or think about using different types of guns. It would be nice though

  • Know what your saying, it would just make things feel more authentic. It's the same issue with using the same walker character models over and over again, it takes away from realism. There doesn't need to be more gunplay per say, but just some more variety in gun models.

  • Actually the survival game sucks, and there's only 4 or 5 types of guns in that game too. It would definitely be cool to see Clem chopping walkers in half with an AK or other assault rifles, the gun would be almost bigger than her! haha

  • They could easily add more variety in firearms in a realistic way since a lot of people have them in their homes, cars, and carry them. That's not even including dead military and law enforcement that should be around. There are a lot private citizens who own semi-automatic AR-15 and AK-47's with 30 round magazines(standard sized) as well, so there should be a lot of the AR-15\M-16\M-4 variants around. The shooting may be a small aspect of the game, but it's still a part of it that needs to be vastly improved at some point.

    I guess this topic is a little pointless since it would just be a little bonus overall. No one even knows if season 2 will be a good or bad game yet, and this won't be what determines that either way. I'm not optimistic, but hopefully I'm wrong. Considering that the handful of games I've gotten excited enough to pre-order have all disappointed me I think it's better for me to stay negative. Going back to those games months,or even years later, I can see most were very good games that I hyped up to an impossibly high level. Now I try to do the opposte. I don't really try but I am disappointed in the little we have heard. I still come here and post ridiculous rants that jump all over the place so I apparently have some hope left.

    And I doubt the shooting will be improved enough at this point to matter what type of firearm you're using. I was never even bothered about the slowdown and crappy shooting as much many were so I don't know why I'm posting about it. As good as any other tread to post a rant I guess. It's going to cost Telltale a lot of cash to expand and replace the very flawed Telltale tool. I'm not bad mouthing them for that though. It would have been a stupid business decision to throw a bunch of money into expansion of the company after one huge success, and they still charge a fair price that makes up for the glitches. As long as you get the games you bought and they are playable anyway lol. They do need to focus more on releasing versions of their games without the huge glitches that make games unplayable or corrupt saves instead of releasing their games on every gaming device out there while game breaking glitches are still affecting other versions.

  • It's small details like those that makes an experience better, i don't see a reason not to add more models. They could do more zombie models while they're at it.

    • I agree with you that there are several things that could greatly improve the game as long as the story and presentation are high quality. I don't think any improvement will mean much if the story is weak and presented poorly. The fact they are continuing a story that didn't seem meant to be continued after learning the main guy behind season one was involved with season two for a short time, very early on before something happened where he quit or was removed. That's not just some wild speculation based on that info. Then he leaves the company right before the release of season two.

  • The pistol from the ending of the Ep 5 (you know THAT scince) It wasn't Glock, and it wasn't Beretta B92 (M9). I thought that it was Colt M1911, but not looks like, it's looks like smth 45'th caliber

  • yeah, along with more gun models, add a lot more walker models to widen the universe.

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