• After all this debate, I've gotta admit it'll be a hell of a letdown if Kenny just shows up as a walker. However, considering his final scene in S1 was so potent, Kenny would need a VERY well thought-out role in S2 to justify his return.

    I can see Kenny possibly being a member of Tavia's community, trying to build a romance with Bonnie in the void left behind by Duck and Katjaa. When the leader of the community is killed, Kenny could attempt to take control, with disastrous results.

    Alternatively, Kenny could be the leader of another survivor group, or shacked away in the woods on his own like a hermit. But his experiences from S1 have left him half-crazed (he'll have taken his "keep going no matter what" philosophy to a fanatical extreme), making the player unsure about what he'll do next. This is where a saved import from S1 can really come into play. The level of Kenny's insanity could depend on his relationship with Lee from S1.

    With all that said, I'd personally save Kenny's return for a cliffhanger moment at the end of an episode. But that's just me. ;)

  • Good points. A complex and polarizing character like Kenny definitely deserves a worthwhile comeback. Although I can't help but laugh at how damn anticlimactic it'd be if he just showed up as a walker, especially after all this talk of "exploring his fate" so to speak.

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    I have this terrible fear that they will have him show up alive to save the day, only to suddenly die moments later.

  • There are several ongoing threads about Kenny's fate, you didn't think that your opening post would fit to any of those threads? I'm not trying to be an ass, but I think it would be nicer to keep the discussion in one place, it would certainly make it easier to follow.

    Here are two recent and active threads:

  • He told you

  • I believe he will show up at a crucial moment to save everyone, like chuck norris in expendables 2.
    As TheDuck says though, i hope they wont kill him off 2 seconds later.

  • My relationship with Kenny was awfull, but I'm still expecting a return.I guess he can return in the manny ways everyone has presented. My favourite would be him showing up as an hermit somehwere in a cabin, living alone and insane, or him showing up alone or with someone else, to save the day ;) I think having him show up a a walker would be kind off anti-climax, it would be kind of a huge middle finger from TTG to the players :P

  • I'm sorry but I don't see why Kenny's death has to be explored, sure he might be alive but theirs nothing suggesting hes alive so hold your jets there Rambo.

    • People are just commenting that because TT has announced that Kenny's faith will be explored

      • Oh... Oh deer. I hope they're not bringing him back purely because of fans wanting him back. I don't mind his reappearance but if this was not the original plan I feel the second season to be somewhat cheapened.

        • Actually I've read in the forum that Kenny's dead was supposed to be less ambiguous, I mean you were supposed to be sure that he was dead, but the writers changed it so it's ambigous like in the game. So I'm guessing that hadn't devided yet what to do with the charatcher, since they are the ones that confess they don't plan everything so they can change the game where the history will make more sense and be more appealing to the players. So I'm really guessing he's alive, because of the changing of the scene thing and because I'm not thinking they would make such a big deal about is faith if he was just going to appear as a walker. But hey it's TT, I never know what they are up too, I never expected (SPOILERS SPOILERS) Lilly to kill Carley or the stranger to be the guy owning the car we took food from.

        • I hope they're not bringing him back purely because of fans wanting him back.

          If I've found out anything hanging around this forum, it's that there are just as many (if not more) fans who want Kenny to be dead. I still think the idea that Kenny's return would undermine the game's credibility is just silly. It all depends on how TTG brings him back...assuming they do bring him back.

          Whatever happens, it's clear that if Kenny were to resurface, it would be an even more polarizing decision among fans than casting Clementine as the PC.

  • I for one don't think he's dead. I think we'll meet him in S2 or S3 (if there will be an S3)

  • Guys this is crucial look at this

    at point 0:38 you see a entity but it is not facing you. in the trailer EVERYONES clothes are new and changed.Except if that person had a hat like clem OR KENNY it appears that this fighure has the same hat as kenny and the back of his head looks simmalar and also if you look at 0:59 it looks like ben who may have died. (this is a theory) maybe kenny took ben of the stick and used the bullet to get them out and the went wandering. these maybe the two figures you see after the credits in episode 5 (AGAIN THEORY) perhaps ben died and kenny ran from him to meet up with clem after all they could see each other. they later meet up with omid and christia who found a group.

    • I doubt it is Ben, he either fell from the tower in Crawford or he got impaled by a piece of the balcony. Since in both cases he most likely was trapped there it's almost impossible he made it to the woods as a walker. Also in the second scenario he was shouting all the time until Kenny fired a bullet what makes me believe Kenny killed Ben out of mercy.

    • Kenny only had one bullet left in that alleyway

    • i don't think kenny used the bullet to get both him and ben out of that alleyway. when ben was impaled he was shouting for kenny not to let the zombies get to him. while he was in the middle of that, you hear a gun shot and ben's yelling suddenly stops while in the middle of his pleading ("AHHHFUCK! KENNY PLEEE--" gun shot) although we didn't actually see his death, it's heavily implied that kenny used his last bullet on ben.

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