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How will you play your Clem?

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I plan on utilising everything Lee has taught her and turn her into a little walker ass-kicker, while still trying to hold onto a fragment of that innocence and vulnerability we saw in S1.

I have some concerns about her age though, and any decisions she makes won't have much sway among the older folk. Let's face it, when it comes to survival, nobody wants to listen to a kid. So I wonder how it will play out having to play as one.

  • First of all, in regards to the "nobody will listen to you" aspect, I have that worry too. But my guess is that after you save one of their lives, they might see you as an equal. Clem is a good shot, so this isn't an impossibility.

    Secondly, my Clem is going to be somewhat more pragmatic (then again, that's not very difficult). However, she will largely be the same as she was in season 1, only much more capable of defending herself.

    • I can't see how any adult will take her seriously or listen to her even if she is a good shot. Carl is the same age and is a brilliant shot but the group still patronise him by telling him that they need him to stay and protect Andrea or the rest of the community when really it's just away of keeping him out of harms way. Rick would usually wink at the adult who is in on the ruse. I preferred the idea of Clem as an NPC to be honest. I would have preffered to have controlled Christa since Lee's dying wish was that she would take over the caretaker role after he died.

  • I think it's a little pointless to speculate how we'll play our "Clems", as Telltale will probably throw us all kinds of curve balls to keep us off balance. Personally speaking, I'd try to walk the moralistic rather than the pragmatic path, but who knows where I'll be when season 2 is finished.

  • At this point, I'll just say the same way I played Lee. Trying to find a balance between what's moral and what's necessary.

  • Somehow I don't think we will have much of a choice with Clem keeping in mind what Lee told her or not. I think she'll just be using what Lee taught her regardless of how we play her out. I think what will happen is that you will choose if she will still be most of the same person we saw in S1, or else quite wary and ruthless. I'm pretty much meaning a similar path we could drive for Lee.

    Anyway, I've got 2 save files for my game. One of them is the nice guy path, and the other is the evil opposite choices. I'm really looking forward to seeing how we can make Clem turn out. I just know season 2 is going to be just as and if not more impacting and great as season 1.

  • People have been saying we can "forget everything Lee taught" and play her "however we want" but I don't think that will be the case. I have full faith in TT and would imagine all dialogue and decision choices will be made to develop her character BUT with the things Lee taught her in mind.

    I'll play Clem the same way I played Lee - making the choices I'd make if it was me in her shoes. I have no doubt that playing as a 9/10 year old will have it's own obstacles to overcome and I do suspect Clem will have to use a gun to save someone to earn trust and be treated as a bit more like an equal in the group. Personally I believe choosing Clem was the right decision and the only way it could have really gone to really connect back to season 1. We've already got to know and love Clem and I knew there was a reason she remembered everything Lee taught her, so I'm looking forward to playing as her and seeing things through her eyes. :)

  • I'm gonna play like I played Lee, I've got to show everyone who's boss, and I'm going to kill everyone that steps in my way...

  • I will try and play her ike I did lee also except my lee could step up to make the hard decisions if he had to but he tries to be good.

  • My Clem will be angel. That says it all

  • We did see Clem change a lot in season 1. She started as a normal scared kid but as we got through each episode she went into some dangerous situations going off on her own to prove that everyone in the group didn't need to look after her or protect her by the end of season 1.

    But the actions we saw her take she didn't really seem concerned about safety i.e the house in Savannah she kinda just jumped into the fire. She was getting very independent and more willing to go off and do things on her own. This may also play out in season 2 which may cost someone their life and have a massive affect on Clementine.

    SO it may be interesting to see if the decisions we make with her involve her doing something or not doing it. Or if the decisions we get to make are because of her predetermined actions and how we have to deal with the consequences.

    • Clementine got Lee killed by running outside alone. So your saying she will do that again and get more people killed?

      • She went outside the house and got kidnapped. That's not her fault.

        • If Clementine didn't go outside alone. She would not have got kidnapped. Then Lee would not be dead. That's why Clementine said "im sorry Lee " she know what she did was wrong.

      • not that she will run off alone and risk other people getting killed. what i mean is that she wanted to show everyone she cared about that she was strong enough by the end (season1) that she can be trusted to do things without others having to look over her. what we saw were dire consequences because of this.

        However this is also similar to Rick at the begining in a way. While not trying to prove he was independant and strong. He tried to go it alone and do everything himself to protect the group. Our protagonist Lee on the other hand i think had a better sense of group dynamics.

        What I think is that Clem will have to learn that it is ok to rely on the strength of others. but considering this little girl has lost everything she cared about it will be interesting to see how her story plays out.

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