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So a band named “Anadel” is doing the music for Season Two?

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Their song “In The Water” was used in the Season Two Reveal trailer. I wonder what happened with Jared Emerson-Johnson... I loved the score in the 1st season!

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    It's not too unusual to use commercial music in early trailers.

    Jared Emerson-Johnson will be back for the main gig, I'm absolutely sure of it!

    • Here's a quote from Anadel's FB page:

      We are beyond excited and honored to announce that we have been working with Telltale Games on music for Season 2 of
      "The Walking Dead-The Game"!

      We can't say much more until the game is released officially, but for now watch Telltale's new teaser trailer, featuring some of the sounds we worked up for them. YAY!

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        Vainamoinen Moderator

        Huh. That DOES change the landscape a bit. Especially since their music was done for the game especially. Telltale will probably rather tear out one of their legs than abandon JEJ's music completely, but I guess with TWaU and all, Jared has a lot to compose presently.

  • Jared Emerson-Johnson was in season 1 and 400 days. Still people do remember "Take Us Back" (Season 1) or "Walk Among the Cobras" (400 days) because they were perfect in their respective places in the game. So i am pretty sure it's gonna be a Jared Emerson-Johnson score in season 2 again and then mabe another great song from an external source for the credits or so.

  • I think I liked the e1-e4 better. Dun dun dun etc. Just kiding! I'm glad they switched to music

  • i liked "in the pines"

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