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What's going on in Washington?

posted by Robert Morgan on - Viewed by 497 users

It's a common trope in zombie movies for the government and military to become useless and redundant at an early stage of the apocalypse, and Kirkman's WD universe is no exception as far as its cynicism goes. Like Lee said in episode 3 upon observing a crashed plane, "so much for the military."

All the same, I would love to see S2 actually take us right into the capital of America, just to see what happened to the "people at the top" who were supposed to be responsible for saving the world. Try to picture the characters wandering through abandoned structures of former power like the White House, or the Pentagon. Is there really no one left? Or is the President and a few generals stashed away somewhere in a private bunker, formulating their own plans to take back the North American continent?

The WALKING DEAD has been a very insular, microscopic view of the zombie apocalypse thus far, but it would be cool if Telltale opened up our world a LITTLE bit just to see how the people in charge screwed things up.

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