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The Months-Long Gap Between S1 and S2

posted by Robert Morgan on - Viewed by 483 users

I have to say, this is really bugging me. What are we going to miss out on? Is Telltale going to reveal the identities of the two silhouettes seen on the horizon right away, or will they just keep that as a secret for a later episode? What about Christa and Omid? We can't see them anywhere in the preview screenshots from ALL THAT REMAINS, but the plan was for them to meet up with Clementine - looking for a boat, at the train, wherever. Will Telltale address this too?

I don't want the answers to these questions revealed before the episode's released. It would just cut down a lot of my anxiety if someone told me they were going to be answered in the episode at all.

  • I think they will reveal the identities of thet two silhouettes. It can be Clem is with them, or with one of them and they talk about the other. Or she's alone and you can try to put that in a conversation with someone, because they've died or she abandoned them or something... About Christa and omid I'm guessing since they didn't found Lee or Clem they just left, thinking they died and followed their own path, and they will appear somewhere in the middle of the season ;) These gap of months, I mean at the beggining there's possibly a dialogue like in episode 1 when Lee talks to the cop, but this time is Clem talking to someone or to the photo or whatever talking abotu what happened. This isn't the first time there's a gap, I beliebe between the beggining of episode 1 and the ending of episode 2 there are like three or four months apart, so that isn't going to be new in the game. The only differente is that this time the gap is going to be bigger, I'm guessign a year almost, because Clem seems all grown up

  • It's looks like a year because Clem looks much older and taller. She was that guy with the backpack for some of that time it seems. He may have got killed that's why we see her alone with Lee picture that she kept

  • In the scene with the 2 stranger, you can see that she is still wearing the zombie shit covered cloth, and she got the gun which killed Lee. I don't think this happens months after season 1, this happens max 1 month after, min a couple days after. But if telltale says that we begin months after season 1, then this scene is elluded. So i think that this will be explained in some ellipse.

    • I mean, the artwork it's pretty elusive, everyone noticed that in season 1 some of the artwork never made it to the game, so we'll have to see what will happen, maybe the scene where she's wearing that cloth never made it to the game because they changed their minsd about the time passed.

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