Clementines age???

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How old do you think clementine is.

According to my bad calculations, she is.....

The first day: Vince. This was the day that lee was going to prison, and he had just met clementine

Episode 2: Starved for help: Set 3 months later

Episode 3: 3 Weeks later (according to the wiki)

Episode 4: maybe about 8-9 hours? Kenny said that he barley knew christa for about 12 hours, + the train ride to god knows where. Clementine has turned 9, actually she turned 9 in episode 3.

Episode 5: the next day...(wow)

400 days. Vince was number 1, which means clementine was 8

so add the days of 2 3 and 4 up and you get about about 110 - 121 days

Now russels story is 184 days in, about 60 days after lee....lee...

Just give me a moment. Sobs uncontrollably

anyway, where was i? Oh yes. after lee......passed away. sniff so after that time , sniff, clementine was on the hill and stuff, sniff.

Conclusion: Clementine is over 9001 years old and still awesome

(sorry I gave up halfway through, but atleast I tried :'(

How old do you think she is? I wouldn't say anything over 12, maybe 11 at a VERY VERY VERY strong push, a push so strong that your hands go through her and reach the end of the universe. It continues after the 400 days have passed, right? But she was already 9 at the events of episode 3, but 350+ days later... she's....10?

I'm terrible please someone correct me.


  • Yes, I think he's alive. Kenny's voice actor mentioned that originally it was quite clear that he died.. But they later went back and rerecorded everything to be completely ambigious. Also, with The Walking Dead media in general (comics, TV show, and I think the game too) if there isn't a body, there isn't a death.

    Tyreese in the comics is a good example of what I mean. I don't want to spoil that, but if you want to go read up about Tyreese in the gym in the comics, it's a good example.

    Also, there are lots of ways he could have survived, even being surrounded. In the alleyway he could have found a manhole. In the buiding he could have just... run away/gone to a different floor.

    Why purposely leave it ambiguous and go back and change the recording from a clear as day death to ambiguous if you're just going to announce he's dead a season later.

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    There are not manyways he could of survived. He was surrounded, zombies were really close to him, you could hear chewing in the scene. If lee couldn't pull out a manhole with his bare hands, then I doubt kenny could magically shit out a tomahawk to save his own ass. He could of ran through a window, Im sure there were windows where he was trapped with ben, and he could of jumped up to it (It was about his height) Yes, maybe. But it's a possibility.

    In the building, erhm, im not so sure. It was pitch black, the chance that he found a door and ran out onto the walker infested street (especially after shooting a bullet) is extremely short. He could have had outside light to light his path (Kind of like christa did?) or maybe he bumped into a lightswitch with the power still on and found a fresh new LMG waiting for him at the door. meh, maybe he escaped, i'm not to optimistic about it.

  • Dammit tommy! I told myself I wasn't gonna cry :'(
    Anyways, I'm in the "I don't care" camp on Kennys fate, I wasn't a huge fan of his, but neither was I a huge fan of Lilys.
    Clementines age I would guess would be no older than ten, didn't telltale say "many months"? Not "a few years" after season 1.
    By the way, if this comes off as pompous at all I apologize, that wasn't my intention :)

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    You could hear chewing and you didn't think it was possibly Ben being chewed on? :P

    The opposite end of the alleyway in the distance had very significantly less walkers. The manwhole was just one example, to be honest. I'm just saying that based on the kind of stuff we've seen in TWD universe, I wouldn't be surprised if Kenny survived.

    I wasn't even a Kenny fan (not that I was against him, just pretty neutral) and right when things happened I wasn't convinced that kenny died. In fact, I was one of the first people on the forums that finished Ep 5 that suggested he wasn't dead. It just doesn't settle right to me.

    I will admit that I haven't played the scene where he's in the building, so I don't know if there's chewing in that one, but the chewing could easily be explained as Ben. Also, lack of screams from Kenny of agony make me think he wasn't being bit into. From what I understand, Kenny's first voice actors original take had screams of agony and it was obvious he was being killed.. But to go back and do a retake without the agonizing cries of pain, etc, makes me think that at the very least, Telltale was doing one of two things:

    1.) seeing what the community thought overall happened to Kenny.
    2.) Waiting to see if they can come up with a way for him to survive it between seasons and see if his character could serve a purpose in Season 2. If not, they can always show us his fate as dead.

    I wouldn't be upset if it went either way, beyond slight disappointment.. But just based off everything I've mentioned, I'm more inclined to lean towards him being alive somehow. :)

    Even Tyrese in the TV show had a similar scene of being completely surrounded but still lived :P

    Edit: after rewatching I retract my statement that there's less walkers on one side of the alleyway as the other. I think it started that way, but I just rewatched it quickly and it looks like it was pretty even by the time Kenny shut lee out of the alley.

  • She Is Ten Years Old Cause In Wikia Her Age Is 8 Years Old In Season 1.And Wikia Stated That Season 2 Is 2 Years After The Events Of Season 1 So She Is Ten Years Old

  • Its My Prediction .Its Not Confirmed

  • Her Age Could Be 11,12 Or 13 Because Her Age Is 9 In Episode 5

  • what da fuq man... Do you know what logic is ? Need some lessons ?

  • Why would walkers go for a moving prey instead of an injured prey with blood all over it and ready to eat?

    Kenny confirmed for S2!!!!

  • You make some good points :) He could be alive :D

  • Why wouldn't walkers do that?

    They'll eat anything that moves.

  • Are You Joking Or Are You Serious

  • Kenny's Fate Will Be Exposed In Season 2

  • By the end of episode 5 she had just turned 9.

    Many months have passed since the events seen in Season One of The Walking Dead, and Clementine is searching for safety.

    Many months = less than a year (otherwise Telltale would have plainly said a year)
    So at the beginning of season 2 Clementine will still be 9, going on 10

  • Where did you read 2 years ?
    Here's what I found on wikia :

    It is confirmed by Telltale Games that Season 2 takes place "many months" after the events seen in Season 1.

    She just had her 9th birthday by the end of season 1.
    "Many months" after is less than a year : she'll still be 9.

  • I thnik they said manny months so poeple wouldn't know how manny time passed. I'm guessin a year more or less, since she looks all grown up.

  • At the biggining I found it weird taht Kenny had that weird death... Initially I thought it is because he was such a dicussed charatcher for the good and bad (depending on your oppinion of him, I didn't liked him.... But afterall I don't think it would make any sense for Kenny to make a speech about not givng up and stuff and then jsut give up. I'm guessing if you killed Ben he found a way out of the building and if you didn't you can notice he looks sad, but maybe it's because he has just decided to leave Lee and go alone... Because if you left Ben alive basically you ment you were siding with Ben wich is the guy who Kenny blames for the deads of his family. After all he felt enraged about the dead of his family towards Ben, but felt h«guilty after Ben confronted him... And so he just decided to leave the group in wich he had passed through all that and go alone, but was sad to leave Lee. I didn't liked him but I'm expecting him to be alive for his speech, for all the importance TT has givien him for season 2, and because of the point I saw someone makes, he says "don't worry Lee it will be ok" and you never hear him scream for being bitten, even a really badass (wich he wasn't) would scream if bitten by walkers... I'm hoping to see him, but he's like all crazed out from being alone ;)

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