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    I've left the post here though because deleting it would also nuke DomeWing333's response.

    In future, please don't actually respond to posts made by Spambots. We tend to delete them, so if you respond to it, we'd have to delete that response as well. Just flag the post and create a separate response to the OP. Thanks!

    -Darth Marsden

    • Either this is a huge coincidence, or this spam bot just tried to mimic the username of the previous poster.

      They're LEARNING.

      Also, Keir21, you might want to change the thread title to something like "Is there a way to save ******?" to avoid spoiling people.

  • Go to my Life or Death: Recap it tells you who dies and such so far.

  • Concerning the release date I hoped it would be late november but now it seems highly unlikely since TWD will probably be released at the same time.I don't think they would release both games at the same time in the same month.So I guess we'll have to wait for late december.But does it mean that we will never get to have one episode of both games per month ? It would have been great!

  • No way to stop Bigby from seeing her severed head...
    I don't believe she is dead, it may be a few episodes until we can uncover this...
    But remember this game is a prequel to the comics.
    I find Snow White in the game a little different from her character in the comics, and just the slight difference of how in the game Snow's hair is up where in the comics she always wares it down... Maybe its nothing, but I think whatever happened to her is going to change her and make her the deputy mayor she was meant to be.
    I hope episode 2 comes out November sometime

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