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Crash on startup - black screen

Information from your support tool:

A text file generated when the error occurs:

Error prompts:

My screen as it appears when the first error message is displayed:

When I try to run the program via steam or directly via the executable, I see a white screen, then a black screen, then the error prompt.

I have tried using various compatibility modes on the executable. I have run the executable with administrator privileges. I have disabled my internet connection before running the executable. I have reinstalled the C++ distributable libraries. I have run DXSETUP.exe manually. I use Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus software and Windows Firewall with an exception for Walking Dead. I have "verified integrity of game cache" via Steam.


  • DjNDBDjNDB Moderator
    edited November 2013

    Card name: RADEON X800 PRO/GTO
    Display Memory: 256.0 MB

    Your graphics card doesn't meet the minimum requirements to run TWD. It should have at least 512MB VRAM, and also the Radeon X series cards have shown not to work well with older TTG games before.

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