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does it seem kind of dead to you?
Kinda surprised me, I thought it would be crowded with S2 not that far off.

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    TheDuck BANNED

    People probably got sick of the elitist attitude of some people here. I know I'm thinking of leaving, despite knowing this is the only place to talk about the game. It's just not worth putting up with certain types. And with Season 2 coming out, I definitely don't want to be anywhere near here.

    • The Duck - I know what you mean about the elitist attitude. I too have been turned off & disgusted by all the elitists here. It is typical on an internet forum for people to mouth off whenever they see they do not agree with. Especially elitists with overbearing egos. Besides, as you say, this is the only forum dedicated to the TWD game (besides the forum on Steam). Ride it out for a while and see what happens. Forums can change over a period of time.

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        TheDuck BANNED

        I'm afraid to, honestly. People have gone out of their way to spoil the first season for me, thinking that I haven't beaten it yet just because I made that topic about the spoilers all over here. Makes me dread getting Season Two ruined for me. I also view it as a matter of justice. If I stay here while these things go unpunished, is that right? Nothing is going to change that way. I'll just be one more person watching from the sidelines while some people spoil the series for others.

  • Honestly I have not run in to anyone who has a bad attitude that has made me want to leave. I just try to remind myself that everyone has a opinion. Right, wrong, up, down, it does not matter.

    Good luck. I'll talk season 2 with you tomorrow. I'm tired and it's 1 am where I live.

  • TheDuck and -Maverick-,

    I'm sorry that your time here has been marred by unpleasant people. I sincerely hope that I'm not one of the users who annoyed you or made you want to leave... that's the absolute last thing I'd want to do on here.

    Speaking as someone who has been on a ton of internet boards over the years, I can attest to the fact that regardless of the forum, there's always that one person or group of people that bother you so much that your entire online experience is ruined. It's a shitty feeling for sure, and I totally feel your pain.

    Still, I only began posting here after I had finished Season One. When 400 Days came out, I made it a rule not to browse this forum until I had bought and finished it. So that's the only real advice I can give - that and try to develop a thick skin when it comes to online assholes. I know how irritating it can be.

    Again I'm really sorry if anything in the game was spoiled for you on here. I honestly hope it doesn't happen again, and that your time here from now on is more enjoyable.

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      TheDuck BANNED

      I don't want to get into all the reasons, but this forum and a great deal of other game forums are supposed to be safe for people to use, regardless of whether or not they've beaten the entire game. And given how this forum is set up and the episodic way the game takes place, plus how dead the GameFAQs boards are, that is how it must be-safe for all.

  • FYI, any and all complaints about the forum structure or functions may be directed here, as well as through PMs to any of the staff who work on the site (the people who have "staff" next to their usernames, NOT the mods).

  • you would think a mature game will have a lot of mature people but flipping hell haha but so far I have seen a good amount of good humored blokes and birds like you lot and a whole lot of clementine's feet kissers and spoiler apples

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Agreed with DomeWing; closing this thread as a duplicate.

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