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Clem's Hurt Arm

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Hope it's not a bite

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  • Telltale wouldn't just show Clementine's injury if it was a bite..She probably just fell or something ...(Or got stabbed or shot in worst case scenario) But definitely can't be a bite..Telltale don't roll like that!
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  • it's just an injury. No bite. Could have fallen, cut her arm or any other 1000 scenarios that doesn't involve getting bitten.

  • I think it's just an injury... She's in the woods if she's not carefull she can scratchh the arms preety deep in logs and stuff, problably a fight wound or something. I wouldn't bet it's a bite. I don't know how Clem will work with an hammer, she's too small to reach the heads of walkers and people, hammers work better with tall charatchers that can swing it from the top of their head, down and still break some skulls. But I'll have to wait and see.

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