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    I'm not going to shut it down or anything, but I will ask people who want to respond to this to be VERY careful how they act.

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  • The amount of posts suggesting something like this should happen is kind of disturbing. What's wrong with you people?

    • I know it does sound bad but the walking dead does not get better it only gets worse and we saw what happened to jolene I understand your opinion and will not argue with you, sorry for your discomfort

    • I don't think annyone is suggesting that... But I mean this is the walking dead and she's a little girl that's all on her own. I think that the possibility of this happening is very big, even Kenny comments on that in season 1. You've seen Nate if you played 400 days. i mean I don't know if he's really that crazy when it comes to girls, that could be just him acting like Merle on the tv show, and then afterwards even if the oppurtonity came he wouldn't do it... I guess you have to put Nate on the game so we will find out (take the hint :P)

  • If someone wanted to molest our cute little Clementine, i don't think that it could be a total stranger...
    I think that it might be someone she knows.
    I am thinking of it and i wonder if instead of a sexual assault, a little love story between clem and another brat won't be better ?
    Like a short little story.
    She enters the community, she is all alone, the guy is 12-13. He is acting nice to her. Then she begin to like him, but zombie attack !!! She could do nothing to avoid his (very violent) death.
    Or even more interesting, a child working for a pedo. The pedo wants clem, he send the little guy to seduce her. And then a complete arc on how clem put down a pedophile house from the inside ?

    Very dark...

  • it would be cool too see a pedo, that's dark

  • Look I don't think any of us WANT to have Clem ever experience sexual harassment but this is a m rated game and we maybe could save her from a situation like this. I think it was create a interesting gameplay were you have grab something close to you and defend you self. Or escape his grip somehow, so in all I do agree with this not because I want to have Clem to have this done to her but to save Clem so this doesn't happen to her,

  • Maybe it's just me. But this might be where I would think the game would go too far. Yes, it's a dark brutal world, I am not squeamish. But, raping Clementine is going too far. And to want such a scene (in a GAME), just because it would be "realistic", is just plain wrong.

    • But Clem won't be raped, it will be like beyond two souls when the two guys grab her and then aiden saves her. She doesn't get raped some tries to get there way with her and she attacks them. Maybe you can get the choice to shoot him/her or run away.

      • My rule, allways shoot :P The only person (outside the group) I had the oppurtonuty to kill and didn't was the farm brother that got sucked in the trap... I think I killed everyone else... Except in 400 days in wich I didn0t killed anyone by choice, expect for Justin... This is not because I'm a good guy (I'm really not) I just think I wasn't goint to traumatize Becca with the death scene of that dude... and I didn't shoot the old couple because problably I was in a good mood that day or I though killing them will do me no good since they were already under our control... I would have shoot them when I was playing with Lee...

  • I'm really not convinced of the interest of a rape in this game. If it's just a way to be like "OMG, look how mature we can be and how dark the story is", it's really useless.
    A rape is not something you should talk about or show if it has no real purpose and consequences in the story, and here I'm talking about a story that'd be about this. Like the movie Thelma & Louise, the rape is the main topic and everything is about it.
    But if it's just a "look how discusting this world is" thing, I just think it's a bad idea. It's TWD, not a fricking snuff movie.

    There's so many way to show how dark is the world she has to live in.
    Whatever, I'm sure we'll have a scene which is gonna allude to it, like trust or not this guy that is getting creepier and creepier, but it won't go further.

    • Well we've had a family of farmers that killed people so they could eat them... I'm guessing a ATTEMPT to rape scene is not really needed ( I garee with that ) but it would make a really interesting scene, specially if it is from someone in the same group as the girl. Just saying it would be interesting not that it has to happen so the game is good.

  • This topic and the talks about it really feel awkward and eerie to me. However, everybody should be prepared this kind of attempt could happen to our lovely Clem. I don't want to think about it, though I know this is a realistic possibility.

    I Hope that if TT is really going to make such a scene they do it in an appropriate manner, e.g. no direct attempt but subtle behaviour / hints and then somebody rescues her before anything happens.

    Edit: Why are you downvoting me? What's so wrong about me not wanting her to get molested? Seriously, whats wrong with you.

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    You people actually thinking about this stuff are sick in the head. Go and get help. I know Telltale Games is mature enough to understand this is wrong to show in any kind of media.

    This thread should get locked.

    • calm down it is an idea and plus have seen what they was going to add? with danny st john's pedophilia and look at jolene from episode two she was a mess

    • This is my little pony with rainbows and marshmallows! We aren't sick we are being realistic and saying I'm a time like this that can happen. Also I think that you're overeacting we are not pedos nor are we sick! We have our own opinions and we also love Clem just as much. I would not want her sexually attacked but it could happen or almost happen.

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        Indeed it's sick thoughts. I think alot of us would have you people keep them to yourselves.

      • Indeed I want clem to be safe but anything can happen in the walking dead

      • You're ignoring the point this is to way to raise awareness it's been done before, on the show 90210 they did it and raised awareness you on the other hand are the sick one who is just ignoring it and not into raising social awareness because if you do something like this on video games, beyond two souls and heavy rain I believe both raised awareness. So in conclusion you're the sick one who wants to keep away real problems from social media or any kind of media!

  • Also if you look at danny st john on the wikipedia you see that he was going to say how he likes the little girls in their spring dresses and with ben he was going to have a much worst time as he was forced to watch his classmates be raped and killed.

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