The ending of season 2.

How do you guys think the ending of season 2 will be? Super miserable ending or a bittersweet ending? I know this is the Walking Dead and I'm not talking about a happy ending, I'm talking about a ending where Clem survives but Omid and Christa don't and she will take care of their baby just like how Lee took care of her.


  • I like that idea the thought of Clementine taking charge over a newborn is heartbreaking yet me must play and see

  • It would be very poetic, the ray of hope raising another child to be another ray of hope to repel the darkness of this world.

  • Well, I hope they'll tackle on how these things happen and how to solve this one. I'm such a sucker for a happy ending. LOL :)

  • Well, this is the Walking Dead so there is no chance of a happy ending. But there is a chance of a bittersweet ending, I know this is the Walking Dead but that does not mean that hope is lost in this world. There has to be a bright side to this.

  • No chance of that. Clem will not make it past episode 3 of the second season.

  • You can't know that unless you're a Telltale-employee, which I highly doubt.

  • In the walking dead universe everybody dies at one point. Clem has already survived 5 episodes, and i don't think she will last mutch more.

  • I atually don't think you will switch PC in the middle of the season and I don't think she'll die, not beacuse Clem is Clem our a child, but because we already had one PC dead and I don't think TT would want a copy of the first season, I find the baby thing pretty good. I'm guessing the ending will allways be influenced by the fact if there'll be a season 3 or not...
    Side note: I'm really excited to see the 400 days charatchers again, but on the ohter hand I know that menas most of them will die :P My group that went to the safe zone were bonnie and Shel and Wyatt. Viince and Russel stayed at camp, and I'm guessing you can see either group or both. For the emotional part of the game for sure you will have to choose between some charatcher, wich one dies and wich one lives, and it will be kind of difficult since you've played with everyone one of them. Also hoping to see Nate and Eddie, but I guess we won't see that many known charatchers. It's not like all the surviviors have to meet each other.

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    I think Clem's going to live long enough to at least see the end of season two. I just don't see how slaughtering Clementine prior to that would be anything besides cheap shock value.

    It's possible Telltale could attempt another "passing-of-the-torch" moment, but I don't think they'd repeat themselves in that way. Alternatively - and please don't laugh at me just because I'm not being a super-cynical S.O.B. right now - perhaps Clementine could actually even live to be an old woman? I can't help but remember the other ending James Cameron filmed for TERMINATOR 2, where Sarah Connor and her son successfully prevented Judgement Day from ever happening.

    I'm not saying the zombie apocalypse should end in the same way, but a final ambiguous shot of Clem as an old lady could make for a hell of a coda for season 2. (It would be left for the player to interpret whether it's really a glimpse of Clementine's future, or merely a dream.)

  • I think it's definitely possible we will see Clem die in season 2, but unlikely. What I think is more likely is that we will see her lose her morality throughout the season, and survive (for now) but everyone she was close to will end up dead. Or maybe she could even end up ending her own life at the end of the season as a sacrifice to save someone, maybe to try to redeem herself from the unmoral things she may have done throughout the season. Just one of very many theories though.

  • A guess is that 400 Days was where season 1 and 2 actually met. That means that Omid, Christa and Clem will buy the farm since none of them were present in 400 Days.

  • Season 1 could be called a bittersweet ending. It was incredibly miserable, partially they gave the player some hope that maybe Lee could live (cutting off the arm). The only sweet part about it is Clementine is alive.

    I'm assuming they are going to have a bittersweet ending here too. This will probably involve just about everyone dying except Clementine (and maybe even Clementine).

  • I think she will survived because shes a cash cow for telltale, not because she can't die.

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    It's no possible way Clem will die, Clems a full cash cow now. Everyone she cares about will die same way Lee was killed off in season 1.

  • You're ending is great. I hope they don't try to replace Lee in the next season, because it will be the samething and we will see it coming 100% this time

  • yea I said that because i figure its probably the most logical way to end season 2, because it would be too repetitive to kill off the protagonist again 2 seasons back to back. So the alternative is to kill off everyone except Clem. Maybe they could all live till the last episode (most of them anyway) and then have a really intense episodes 4 and 5 where everyone but Clem dies. We have a while to wait before we can see if any of these theories are right though.

  • I think however Season 2 ends, it'll be the end of Clems story. I have to imagine that Telltale will be looking at the next gen consoles for Season 3. That would logically mean the end of the story continuation because of the save complexities

  • Your probably right Ninnuendo. If Clem was the focus of every season (if TT continues past season 2) it would get boring anyway for alot of people. Though I personally think it would be cool to play as Clem for many more seasons, and watch her grow up in TWD world. Provided Telltale kept the story fresh with ever changing plots and settings. Just think how awesome it would be if TT could somehow make the decisions you made throughout the series (if they make many seasons) matter to each new season, and see how Clem turns out as an adult. I know this would be incredibly difficult though, which makes it very unlikely to ever happen, but it's interesting to think about. Just wishful thinking on my part i guess, I can dream though.....

  • Probably an even bigger cliffhanger than how season 1 ended.

  • The zombies will disappear, Omid, Christa, and Clem will go and buy a farm and be a happy family.
    That's obviously what he meant.

  • Colorful language is apparently wasted sometimes... buy the farm, kick the bucket, not faking it, taking a dirt-nap = die.

  • Sarcasm seems lost in the bowels of the internet.
    Such a shame.

  • Has nothing to do with sarcasm. It's just a figure of speech that an international community doesn't necessarily know.

  • The death of Clemmy? Is that REALLY what some of you expected to see?

  • I think if Clem dies we won't play as her of there's season 3 I think we might play as someone else since Clem must remain under 14 since they can't do far into the future (because of tv show and comic book) then maybe in season 3 we will play as someone else maybe she'll die,,

  • My guess is you will only play as clem part time, the other time you will be playing as a new "guardian" for her.. Throughout season 2 you will switch between the 2 and get the perspective from both characters. Clem will be reluctant to accept the new person at first as "everyone she gets close to dies" syndrome will have kicked in by now, but she will need someone to help her keep going/live. In the end Clem will die and you will move into season 3 as this new character... its a zombie apocalypse after all, one can't live forever

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    I think when they do eventually end Clementines story (which is inevitable as they cant go on forever) they will leave the ending open to interpretation so the fans could make their own theories as to her fate as she it too popular to kill off.

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    1. Who said that Clementine will see Omid and Christa again?

    2. The death of main character (Clem) in ending of season it's SO fresh idea huh? It's not necessary to kill main character to finish her story. Think about it.

    By the way Season 2 it's a not the final season.

  • Christa and Omid couldn't have survived once there wasn't anyone left to order around. Who's going to save Christa when she gets trapped in rooms or jumps in holes that are obviously too deep to get out of?

  • I agree with you second point... They already killed Lee, so killing Clem too is repeating the story... I think she'll leave, not like happily ever after, but she'll leave... I'm expecting a bittersweet ending... I would like the idea of her being the new "mother" to Christa adn Omid's kid, but following your point we don't even know if she's going to meet them again (I hope so but we don't know)...

  • well i think the original post could be right!! clem surviving along with christas new-born, i really hope christa/omid re-appear at some point, hopefully near the start, therefore leading to that ending

  • I think it will be for when Clementine and whomever runs either into those whom stayed behind at the camp or Tavia's camp, leading into season 3. Either that or Clementine will die just as she meets these new people, and then season 3 will be as one of the 400 days characters. I personally think that 400 days will impact the ending of season 2, since Clemmy isn't that far into the apocalypse yet :P

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    I don't think they would kill her off due to it being kind of like season 1, I might be a little to optimistic but I am figuring more of perhaps what she becomes at the end? Like maybe a leader, or a bandit, or dead, but that would also mean her story ends after two seasons so frankly I have not the faintest idea, I am sure Telltale won't screw it up though.

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