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Tree house canon violation?

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The tree house in the trailer has a ladder, but the tree house in the episode 1 only has a hanging tire.

  • I think it does have a ladder with the planks hammered onto the tree

  • I don't remember the treehouse in episode 1, but if it's different it must have been a gap from TT, it happens, not important to season the continuity of the story.

  • If Clem pulled the ladder up, and it is up in the trailer, does that mean that there's someone in the treehouse in the trailer? hmmmmm possible hint from Telltale? doubtful but you never know

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    This is what I love about Telltale. But I highly doubt it's something major. But what if it is? Perhaps during Season Two Clementine make her way back to her home and the treehouse maybe will have a purpose. Some other child perhaps taking shelter in ther treehouse.

  • Would be kinda cool if we (as Clem) can go back and revisit those old places such as the pharmacy, the motor inn, her old house, and even the St. John dairy farm. Oh, the memories.

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      FreddeN93 BANNED

      Now that would be pure awesomeness. But it is one long walk from Savannah back to Macon and Atlanta. But perhaps she sets off on a quest for whatever reason to find something or someone and have to get through Macon and Atlanta. We re-visit the Motor Inn, The Pharmacy, perhaps Hershel's farm and finding it overrun by Walkers like what happend in the TV-series, and eventually get back to her house where we find something interesting in the treehouse. :3

        • Maybe Clementine actually goes back to find Omid and Christa, but ends up back home and finds someone in her old treehouse, it's a long shot, but it would be amazing.

          • If we do retrace our steps from season 1 (which seems a bit risky) I would like to see everything destroyed. Maybe clem's house is burned out or just a pile of rubble, as well as the motor inn I want to see that in just horrible condition. If of course, telltale decides to go that route but as it has been stated previously, That is a LOOOONG way to walk, and with the walkers in between her and atlanta, or macon it doesn't seem worth the journey.

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    Or the treehouse maybe have a purpose at the end of the season. She makes it all the way home and she climbs up into the treehouse and sit there. Just before the credits roll we see two other strange silhouettes approaching her house. But this time perhaps we get to see who they are and it maybe shows to be Omid and Christa finally.

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