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Molly hinted to be in Season 2?

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Could this be her?



  • I dont think that it's her.

  • Molly is the one character that should either be left behind in S1, or reduced to a walker cameo.

    I'm really not a big fan of hers. At all.

    • I don't think that she is needed too.
      Ok she can see in clem something like in her little sister, and be in a way a big sister .
      But too many pathos in her for me...

    • Neither am I.

      I was okay with Molly's personality and her voice acting. But that the ninja acrobatics were way over-the-top, and a bit distracting. Other than her human characters behave a bit realistically and that is one of the things I liked about TWD. Molly just stood out as an exception.

  • I hope so! Molly is awesome.

  • If it is, then I hope she's lost an arm because she was superman in season 1

  • The combination of her snarky attitude and conveniently "badass" survival skills annoyed the hell out of me. She's exactly the kind of person I'm terrified Clementine will grow up to become. If Telltale has plans for Molly in S2 besides as a walker, I hope she'll be SLIGHTLY less smug this time.

    • The combination of her snarky attitude and conveniently "badass" survival skills annoyed the hell out of me.

      A thumbs up is not enough, so please have this slow clap

    • I used to think it was impossible to beat her in your first encounter; that the game rigged the match so she would always take you down, no matter how fast you clicked. This and her 'awesome' parkour skills and overall action movie persona made her absolutely insufferable to me, a creator's pet of the worst kind.

      I was so happy to find out my initial belief about her invincibility in that first fight was untrue that I had to go back and replay that section so Lee could kick her ass, just so I could deflate a little bit of that insufferable smugness you're talking about. Turns out it doesn't change much dialogue, though at least she no longer rubs your face in her victory.

      Not a Molly fan, if you can't tell.

      • Yeah.. For the most part I don't mind harsh and conflicting personalities in the group, as they represent realistic conflict and give you the options to respond accordingly, but the fact that Molly's attitude was just used to make her seem cool tended to grate on me.

        The fight against her being winnable helps, but I never liked how the scene forces two people with guns into melee range just to show off her skills.

        "Alright Kenny, you don't have to get any close-aaand you're down..."

  • I don't think that's her. And this might sound stupid that I've never noticed that flashlight on the pictue :P I allways assumed that was a walker ah ah But I don't think taht's her, and I understand many people coming in here saying taht this or the other charatcher may appear, but let's be realistic, not every charatcher from 400 days or season 1 are going to appear there'sgoing to be a new story. I'm guessing the group that one of the groups, the ones that stayed at camp or the ones taht went to the safe are are going to appear, and kenny and Christa and omid (because TT as hinted that...), maybe others, but not everyone... i would like to see Nate and/or Eddie, but it would be very difficult to see everybody.

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    UndeadEuan BANNED

    Looks more like Shel to me..

    • I don't know if it's Shel because Shel could have either stayd or went to the zafe zone. But it would be cool if this scene where someone grom the group that went to the safe area finding Clem ;)

  • The jacket's different, but you can speculate that it's anyone at this point. An obscured view like that isn't really a concrete hint about any character in particular.

  • If you zoom in the guy's wrist you can tell that... oh, wait it's a GUY! For God Sake's it has hair drawn all over his arm holding the light.

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    Omid's cat BANNED

    There is something on his/her sleeve. Looks like military rank.

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