The Walking Dead Season 1 Trivia

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Clementine's character was developed before Lee's because the designers wanted a "character that would act as a moral compass for the main character as he progressed through the game.
By January 2013, The Walking Dead won over 60 'Game of the Year' awards, and as of June 2013, it has now won over 90.
Upon announcement of the '400 Days' DLC, Telltale reported that over 17 million episodes have been purchased across all platforms worldwide.
Clementine's brother was one of the original ideas for the main character, but was eventually axed due to the pre-existing relationship between the two.
There was a pre-order contest for The Walking Dead Video Game in which four randomly selected players who pre-ordered the game were selected to be transformed into the game as zombies, while one player won the grand prize of being transformed into a character in the game, dying, and coming back as a zombie. The four zombies appear in Episode 5 as Lee makes his way to The Marsh House and the grand prize winner was Brie Rosenholm, who the character Brie was based on. Brie appears in Episode 4 and then again in Episode 5 as a zombie.
In a interview with Gavin Hammon, the voice of Kenny, it was revealed that a scene was planned in which Lilly would appear in "No Time Left" with the RV again after her original departure, but it was never made.
Although it says: "Silence is a valid option", there are some points in the game that you are required to speak, or you will either respawn or nothing will happen until you do.
Writer Gary Whitta said that fans "won't have to wait for season two to play more Walking Dead". This was hinting towards the "400 Days" DLC.
Choices made in Season 1 will carry over into "400 Days" and the choices made in "400 Days" will resonate into Season 2.


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