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Purchased Bundle Episodes 2-5 + 500 Days - But it's showing I have not!

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Hi, I purchased The Walking Dead Episodes 2-5 and 500 Days (the special bundle for $19.99) for my iPhone 5 on iTunes. I have the receipt for the purchase as well, which totals $21.89. This was yesterday. However my episodes never loaded and it's telling me I still have to buy them. I am trying not too get upset about this, but I would like a refund. Who do I need to contact about this?

  • Also I would like to add I have tried the 'restore purchases' button multiple times and it still shows I haven't bought anything. I paid online with my credit card.

  • Got the same problem >:(

  • I also restore it but now game wont load

  • Mrx,

    I ended up having to contact ITunes for help. I suggest you email I talked to a representative named Sarah who was very helpful and friendly. She told me she has reversed the change and I will be refunded within 10 days.

    As for Telltale Games, who have been no help and silent on this issue, I will not be buying anything else from them. No wonder their sales are plummeting. I will be sure to tell my friends to avoid this game.

  • Hi guys,

    I have the exact same problem, but in my case I purchased the game using my Ipad (not Iphone). I purchased the game this morning and I keep getting the "buy now" option every time I try to load any of the purchased episodes (2-5 and 400 days). I called the Itunes store and they told me that they could verify the payment I made on their end. They suggested I try restarting the Ipad and/or reinstalling the game. I did both of these suggestions. Not only did it not help but I also I lost all my progress in episode 1...

    Telltale representatives: If you care about your brand at all, please respond to this thread. I will be asking Itunes to refund my purchase if I don't receive a response from you by tonight.

    Thank you. Best.

  • Same here..

    How on earth do I restore this? Since Apple is an American company they do not help you out in Europe. In other words. You're f***d!
    The only thing I can do is re-invoke the amount on my creditcard...

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    tronix Telltale Alumni

    We have had a growing number of reports on this issue since last week. We have not been able to re-create the issue ourselves and are continuing to try. Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for Apple Store purchases. Please contact Apple Support for further assistance with this inquiry.

    For people experiencing the issue, it would be great to know what region you are in, what version of OS you have, have you tried different networks, are you using a data connection, did you experience a crash? Any information that would help to isolate what causes this would help.

    • I wouldn't bother with this company. Downloaded the extra content for my 3 day old ipadAir. Didn't work despite having one of the best wifi's in Europe. iTunes refunded me the money but I shan't risk it a second time. Such a disappointment, seemed like a great game.

    • IOS 7, yes have tried different networks, all WIFI. Yes experience a crash as soon as the level is done and the game is going to the main menu, I guess?

  • Hi tronix

    I am in the uk, running iOS 7.0.3 on iPad mini and iPhone 5 using home wifi, did not experience any crash, tried turn off and on, uninstall install, but to no avail nothing makes the episodes download

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    tronix Telltale Alumni

    Hey Terriblejuggler

    Thanks for the info. A lot of people are having success with this workaround. The only other advice is to try Wifi in other places.

  • Have the exact same problem on my ipad mini and the wi fi is one of the best in scandinavia... Really want to play this game out and expect this problem being solvd. Didnt pay 19.99$ for nothing. Hope the support service is as good like the game is!

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