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Terry could make an appareance in Season 2

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They looks a bit the same
( Terry is Brenda's Husband _

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    TheDuck BANNED

    I'd rather have Andy, for the reasons I stated in the Story Discussion section.

  • Terry's dead. Brenda stated this outright.

  • The new character's name is Winston.

  • how do they know its Winston? You'd have to have the game files to know the person's name and the games not out yet. the winston thing is just the name of the save picture. probably just a random name the uploader gave.
    It looks like Leland to me honestly.

    • Originally when we w this we thought it was the same thing (didn't mean it was the name) then suddenly telltale like changed the game file on everything and all. So the name most likely is Winston because telltale panicked and changed right after the photo was released

      • But you don't HAVE the game files of season 2, so how can you have info of something you don't have?
        Plus why would they change it too winston if his name is winston? aren't they trying to hide that? and whats the point of hiding a name anyway? its not like that character has been in TWD before ._.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    If Terry is voiced by a person of the same name (i.e. a returning voice actor from Season 1), I'm all for it.

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