Will Season Two be a valid 2014 GOTY candidate?

edited November 2013 in The Walking Dead

Even though the 1st episode is going to be released in 2013? This has been bugging me for so long...


  • Yes, because the retail version is going to be released in 2014 right after the last episode comes out.

  • Nope, being released too early.

  • puzzleboxpuzzlebox Telltale Alumni

    "Game of the Year" awards seem to get a bit weird with the episodic model, and not all of them follow a strict calendar year. Believe it or not, the FIRST season of The Walking Dead was nominated in a few categories for the 2013 Golden Joysticks (despite being nominated for Best Downloadable Game in the same awards last year, before the season even concluded!), and is currently a GoTY candidate in the 2013 Global Game Awards, despite the fact that the season actually concluded a full year ago now.

    So yeah... we just try to make the best games we can, regardless of what the GoTY candidate rules might be. :)

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