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The Walking Dead season 2 release date confirmed (edit: wishful thinking)

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On Steam if you click add to cart the release date appears 15 november.

  • Really?!? Are you sure!?!

  • All we need now is Telltale's confirmation.

  • no screenshot ?

  • If steam gives the date then it must be true because it is the date they have been given by telltale.But maybe they were not supposed to show it now ?
    I also checked amazon in case they also gave a date and it turns out they did! But it's a different one! They say it's going to be available on on December 31, 2013.I guess it would make sense if they released it for christmas but they said they were going to release in fall 2013.

  • did you see that as a screenshot? I remember seeing someone post a screencap of that from reddit and it turned out to be faked.
    the only definite thing we know is november 2013 from steam

  • I had a look for myself. It doesn't specify a day, but it does say "November", so that's a very promising start indeed.

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    gupy01 BANNED

    I went there now and i see they changed it from "15 November" to "November". lol

  • steam doesn't know anything, its a placeholder date. How many times do people have to say this? If you get your hopes up for Nov. 15th, chances are your going to be disappointed. We will get a REAL release date FROM TELLTALE only a few days before its released. Any other dates you may hear aren't true unless it comes from Telltale. Afterall, how could anyone else know when the game will be released before Telltale does? Use your brains people! I doubt im the only one is tired of hearing these fake release dates, please check your source before posting stuff like this.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Closing this thread.

    Refer to the FAQ for detailed information about why not even Telltale knows when the first episode will release.


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