Help needed urgent!

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Hey Guys! I'am done with the first episode.... still petrified..
any ways i messed up one thing ... the last critical decision when choosing Dee or Woody! . I always wanted to choose DEE .. but my nephew messed up at the wrong time and.. I know it sounds a bit silly ..
I want to change the last decision i made.. and I don't want to play the whole episode again as I'm quite satisfied with all the decisions I made... (minus the last one) .. is there anyway i can re-do the last chapter of episode one .. i know there is an option where i can play the last chapter again .. but the game asks where I want to save it and obviously I'd choose the same Save file I used for episode 1... but it gives a warning that it would overwrite my progress.. does that mean it'll wash all the decisions I've made in episode 1 ..

I know m acting a bit naive .. but please help me fellas..


  • No guarantees here, but I believe it only overwrites the progress of the last chapter of the episode. So if you just go back one chapter, you'll get the chance to play exactly the last bit again. Good luck!

  • Thanks bud it helped! :)

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