steam date is just a place holder!!

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So everyone who keeps reposting this date needs to stop. It is probably getting peoples hopes up only to be let down. Sure there is a very slight chance they could have GUESSED right, but even if it turned out to be correct, it's still just a guess. We will hear a REAL release date from Telltale, and only Telltale, a few days before it's released. Steam just needed to put something for a release date, so they made an educated guess. Which is the same thing we have been doing on these forums since season 1 was finished. We will probably hear directly from Telltale when it will be released at the same time or maybe even before they give a concrete date to steam.


  • Since this is a discussion about thism in season 1 I only heard about the when episode 2 came out. Does anyone knows the timegap between the release date announcment and the actual release date for episode 1 in season 1? Just so I can have a guideline to how TT works in this matter.

  • ...we know.

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