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The Badger

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I was looking through some of the achievements and I noticed the one you get after completing episode 4 is a picture of the badger and Toad that you see in that one book in episode 1, does anyone have any thoughts and how both of them could be tied up in this situation?

  • Maybe Bigby will go to the Farm next episode.

  • Bigby isn't aloud on the farm... So Stinky would have to leave the farm, not really sure how it would go down.
    Stinky will maybe show up in the game to help Toad with his car, thats what I've been thinking. The picture of the two of them hints at their friendship

  • Bigby isn't allowed into the farm and Stinky (the badger) isn't allowed to go out of the farm, so unless we control a different character for a few moments, I doubt we'll be seeing either.

    Such a shame really, I love both Stinky and the farm... but with such a large cast of awesome characters, some will obviously have to be left out =(

  • Bigby ain't allowed to enter the Farm, Badger works where Bigby can not. If someone were sent to the Farm we will see Badger. Episode 4 is tricky, it could be in the past.

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