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mirrored police-logo

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In the last scene, were Bigby finds "Spoiler-Item" in "Spoiler-Place", there is a bunch of policemen. One of them has the police logo on his sleeves mirrored. The other policemen seem to have it in the correct way.

Someone at TTG put the graphic in backwards? Or does that actually mean something?

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edit: I just rewatched it. It seems to me he is also the only one to carry his gun on the left side. Is that just coincidential, because he's a lefty? Or is the whole character mirrored?

edit: The badge is also on the right side of his chest, instead of left. So yeah, he is mirrored as a whole.

  • Given the name of the second episode, that mirror thing is probably a plot device and not some blunder.

  • That's a damn good catch but I have no idea what it could possibly mean. Nothing else seemed to be reversed in that scene. At least not that I noticed.

  • Nice catch, I'm sure it has some significance

  • I'm gonna bump this one, now that the series is over. I fail to see any significance to that. The only connection to mirrors in the whole game (that I see) is Bloody Mary but that doesn't explain a police officer being mirrored. Is that supposed to be Mary in disguise? Does glamour on Mary still make her a mirror image of the person she pretends to be. Why would that be?

    Simply something that was supposed to turn out totally different? That's my guess. I think the story was supposed to be different, where mirrors would have played a more prominent role.

    Any ideas?
    • It'd be really awkward if Mary disguised herself as a Mundy cop, and that it would be glamourception all over again if it were the case.

      I dunno, maybe they'll incorporate the Mundy cop storyline in the second season or something, probably go more into why that Mundy cop came out of the Open Arms with that Fable prostitute.
    • I think it was just a technical error
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