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I hope Clem meets that bitch Becca...

posted by AlexiaKlattenhoff BANNED on - Viewed by 4.3K users she can kick her ass.

Just saying.

  • I still don't get why people are so harsh with Becca. There's waaaaaaaaaaay worse than her around coughCarlcough. And I doubt Clem could kick her ass. Becca is older, bigger and probably meaner. Except maybe if Clem shoots her....

  • I don't like Becca but why would Clem want to do anything to her just because some of us don't like her? Unless Becca does something to Clem, then that's a whole different story.

  • I'd grab a walker, put it in chains, and put it behind becca and when she screams I can sarcastically say


  • I didn't like Becca's bratty attitude, either

  • The more I stay on this forum, the more I realize that if a zombie apocalypse ever happens, I'd be better off alone than with you people...

  • Someone needs to slap that bitch with a flashlight.

  • Whys everyone so hard on becca she was 200 days into a zombie outbreak I wouldn't be that nice. Calm down.

  • I like badass and evil charatchers like Nate, Saint John brothers, Lee or Lilly, I mean I even liked Ben and he's nothing like the charatchers I'm used to like, but I understood him. But I really didn't liked Becca, I'm not syaing she must die... But Shel was looking for her and I didn't kill that stupid fat chineses dude (or whatever his nationality, not trying to be racist people, just talking as a joke...) because I was trying not to traumatize her and she is allways barking at SHel... And then I run with the RV and she wants to stay at a place where some dude where some guy thinks he's the boss... No charatcher of mine is going to stay at a place where somedoby bosses them around... I didn't liked Becca, besides understanding her reasons to be like that... And about the "it was just a joke bit" come on... I say everything bad about her, but it was actually just a joke. If it was me maybe I would have shoot her in the face, but it owuld be ok because it was a joke :P

  • 400 Days didn't grant a huge amount of time to explore her character, but I think people are harsh on Becca as well. It's not like she's at Carl levels of sociopath, she's a young teen becoming increasingly pragmatic in a survivalist setting. Either way, I'm glad Telltale didn't just make her a copy of Clementine.

    Though I do think it could be interesting for the two of them to interact, along with the rest of the 400 Days group.

  • Wasn't Becca specifically designed to be a bit of an 'anti-Clem'? That is, a young girl under the protection of an older guardian who actually pushes that guardian in the direction of ruthlessness and pragmatism?

    I think an encounter between Clem and Becca could be quite interesting, though Clem 'kicking her ass' is more than a bit of a stretch. Really, it's a bit difficult to imagine Clem wanting to kick anyone's ass.

    • Good way of putting it actually, in terms of Clementine playing as your moral compass and Becca endorsing actions in a more calculating fashion.

      I'd like to see them play off of each other. It could be conflictual regarding their viewpoints, but I like the idea of building some insight on this initial contrast between the two of them.

    • Clementine and Becca would make excellent character foils in my opinion. I'd like to see them interact.

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