Amazing Season 2 Graphics and Art

edited November 2013 in The Walking Dead

From the trailer and screenshots, the graphics look amazing! It's still keeps the comic book outlined feel to it but it's more realistic, in my opinion! I like the extra details. It also looks a bit more 3d.

And did you see the lighting effects in the room with the table with Clem and [Kenny?]. The darkness with the light bouncing on Clem's face is awesome. The tint is brilliant. It also looks as if the animation is smoother! I might even like this graphics more than The Wolf Among Us, which was awesome as well!

So, what do you think of these "new" graphics and art style?


  • I wouldn't exactly called them "new graphics" as they are the same ones with just some enhancement. But it does look like it's going to run a lot smoother though =)

  • Yes, I do hope the fps is better. It already looks as if the animation runs more smoothly :D

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