Poker Night 2 still frozen on PS3

This is worse than the saving lag or freezing up the PS3 and having to reboot.

The game itself is stuck in the middle of a tournament. Press x to deal next hand. I've quit the game, signed out and back in, reloaded the game, to no avail. I've rebooted the PS3 entirely and reloaded the game. It's still stuck at the same screen. What do I have to do, uninstall it?


  • Uninstalled. Re-downloaded. Re-installed. Launched, installed update 1.01. Continue tournament. Press x to deal next hand. Stuck there!! Can we get a patch for this?

  • Hmm, looks like this issue is 6 months old, eh? What a shame. I guess I'll just uninstall it and leave it that way. Let me know if it ever gets fixed, it would be a fun game.

  • Having problems as well on the PS3 with freezing. Any chance this will be fixed?

  • Same problem.
    System: PS3 60GB model
    Game: Poker Night 2. Full version via PS+
    Many instances of game stuttering, locking up, and now the "press X for next hand" bugs. Thought it was maybe a bad download but after re-downloading the game and reading what others have posted... It seems this is the way the game was released.

    Ash and Claptrap just busted out and Sam was left but when prompted to press X for next hand. Game will not respond to X. Can press START and access menu and PS button to bring up XBL. Complete power-down of PS3 and restart only to have game continue at same point and when prompted to press X, no response from game. Controller is working as the X button is functional for all other parts of the game/menu just not when prompted to for last hand against Sam.

  • Well, this issue is happening to me on XBOX also.

    Three games in a row I was winning and it suddenly says "press A to deal a new a hand" but wont progress.

    The only thing to do is start a new tournament. How am I supposed to play this game if I can't get through a single tournament.

    I am getting extremely @#$%#&;*% upset about this. If I pay money for a game I expect to get to play it.

    Not pleased, and telling everyone, DrKnowMaD

  • My PS3 freezes too every now and then because of this game. Is there a patch in the near future? Game reaks of unprofessional-ism at present.

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