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The seven dwarves

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Hi All,
My first exposure to the fables series is through TWAU
I love The setting and all. However I kinda had a question regarding the seven dwarves of the snow white tale. Are they present some way in this universe?
The dwarves were mentioned very briefly as well in the first episode. I don't want to look up online because it might be to spoilery

  • You can see them in the book that's in Ichabod Crane's desk, and they do have a presence in the Fables universe. Whether or not they'll show up in TWAU, I can't say.

  • So I read the novella and I know what happened to the seven dwarves (presumably). However I still am not sure what went down in the fables version of the Snow White and the Seven Dwarves tale. Any pointers? Is the story there in any other issue?

  • If you want to know the story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs in the fables universe, I recommand you to read the issues 95 and 96 of Fables which tells the whole story of Snow and how she met the dwarfs.
    Here's also a link to the preview of these issues:

  • Snow White kills then for doing unspeakable things to her, snow does this after she is married to Prince Charming and he teaches her how to sword fight.

  • Sexual and housekeeping slavery are the first things I'd think of regarding the Dwarves and I doubt I'm the only adult to jump to that conclusion. I've not read the comics yet (didn't even know they existed until TT announced they were doing a Fables game, as I have lived in the British Isles all my life) but will, if I get the opportunity sometime.

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