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400 Day glitch.

posted by MartinMUFC91 on - last edited - Viewed by 328 users

I'm playing 400 days on the ps3. I'm on Russels story, and everytime I look up to see where the old man is shooting from I get shot. it plays that scene over and over again. there's no way around it, even tried turing off the console but when I restarted the game it still plays the same scene. really don't want to delete my save file...

this isn't 400 days related, but I couldn't play episode 3 on the retail version of the game. had to skip it..

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  • Had that thing too on the PC version. Happens when you press the up button too fast (or release it to fast, somthing like that), after Nate speaks (or possibly while he still speaks). Don't remember exactly. But I had to rewind and play the chapter from the start. I played that part very slowly in my second try.

    On the other issue. I never heard about a single episode not being playable.

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