Tales of Monkey Island DVDs?

I bought the Tales of Monkey Island deluxe edition ages ago, and I had thought the deluxe edition includes the DVD also? I looked back at my receipts on my Telltale account, and it shows "Tales of Monkey Island Deluxe Edition Package (On Hold)"... Am I just remembering the DVD perk wrong, and what does the "(On Hold)" mean?



  • I did the same thing myself.
    Not sure if i'm missing more dvd's but I clearly remember Monkey Island at least (and the mail says so)

    Checking my emails for all Telltale mails i found this:
    "Offer expires July 31, 2010" (21 days after i got the mail)

    Really annoyed that this was not in the top of the mail or in the subject, but all the way in the bottom (after a listing of 4 other Monkey Island themed items they had in the store)

    There was no warning on expire-date when i ordered the preorder, nor in the first notice of the dvd (when it was possible to order it).

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