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Poker Night 2 Keeps freezing - can we expect a fix or at least a response?

posted by sentinelx33 on - Viewed by 1.9K users

I just bought this game and I'm starting to have mixed feelings. Poker Night 2 is constantly freezing on my PS3. It usually resumes after a few seconds, but its noticeable, annoying and comes off as unprofessional. I've had to completely reboot my PS3 once already. That's one too many times. Your lack of responses to similar posts really isn't really giving me the warm and fuzzy about buying any other products from you guys. Can we expect a fix or at least a response any time soon? Please address this issue. Thank you!

  • Yeah seriously pretty pathetic, I see comments from months ago about it never even getting the courtesy of a response. I've never bought anything from Telltale in my life and don't think I ever will, no wonder it went free on psplus... If only Telltale could refund the bandwidth I spent downloading it from PSN... No but honestly I feel so bad for the people who actually spent money on this game for ps3, if you haven't all been refunded by TT or Sony directly you should keep pushing for the refund on general principal. Then maybe they will actually get around to fixing it.

  • I am enjoying this game funny with the comments but seriously get this issue fixed is not that hard to patch or even give an option to change autosave frequency. Plus have the option of other players.

  • I love this game, a LOT, but like the original poster am having a great deal of performance problems with lockups, audio, and glitches. It always seems to be related to either loading a new audio/animation segment or between hands when the camera cuts to a new animation/scene of someone walking away.

    I'm expecting the cause to be some type of middleware audio package that they are using, because it seems to be a problem specifically on the PS3 version. It would also be nice if there existed an option to turn off the excessive chatter that gets old after you've heard all of the dialogue a few times.

    • Oh, and as a follow-up observation, when it hard locks the game -- pressing the PlayStation button on the controller will bring up a menu that lets you try to quit the game, but you never return to the XMB, the PS3 shuts off and I believe beeps 5 times quickly (maybe 3).

  • I'm SO glad I've got this game for free on PlayStation Plus, because those freezes are STUPIDLY ANNOYING. Seriously, if you've googled why your game keeps freezing, please know that we're with you on this, and I'm hoping you also got this game for free. Because TellTaleGames doesn't even bother with their customers.

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