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Hey guys n gals, I just purchased this game as I was looking for news on TWD season 2, and I have to say I was pretty impressed. My question is to those who have read the Fables comics, are they worth reading after I finish the game ( I don't want to spoil anything that may happen in game, as I am now hooked) or are they not the same as the game depicts them


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    In my opinion, yes! They are definitely worth it! It's a well-written series that manages to be dark and adult without seeming like it's trying too hard to be "edgy." It's sometimes dark, sometimes humorous, and sometimes heart-breaking, but always entertaining. I read the TPB's and out of the 18 volumes of the main series that I've read there are only one or two that stood out to me as a little weaker than the others. For the most part I've found it to be consistently good. If you like folklore it's especially good. If you're not into folklore, you may find yourself looking up some obscure legends every now and then once you read the series. :)

    As far as the game vs. the books, I think that the game is in line with the general tone and feel of the comic series. The one thing I'd point out to someone who's curious about the comics after playing the game, though, is that the comics are not all noir detective stories like the game. That style is really only present in the first few issues, then other story arcs surface.

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    I decided to start reading them after playing the first episode and I love them! The story is great,the writing is great,the characters are interesting.But somehow I feel like the game and the comics are a little bit different.I think Tellatale took the core and the soul of the comics but did something original with it,something of their own but still in line with the spirit of the comics.It's hard to explain but I think that the comics are worth reading just like the game is worth playing.Same universe but there's a different feel to it.The characters are also a little bit different like Snow for example who is much softer in the game.As for Bigby it's hard to tell since it depends on how you play (nice,mean,indifferent).And most of the characters we meet in the game are not in the comics or are just mentionned in them.Concerning spoilers,I think you can read the comics without being spoiled because everything that happens in them takes place after the events of the game and there is no continuity.You will just learn the past of important characters like Bigby and Snow which can allow you to understand all the references in the game and to understand the story better.So overall I really think you should give them a try! :D

  • After playing TWAU I ordered the first two volumes of Fables. I must say, I feel differently about Colin showing up at my house now.

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