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Is it Clementine's Fault Why Lee Everett Is Dead?

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There's a lot of people that think she is at fault. And I am trying to figure out myself if Clementine is also responsible for Lee's death?

  • Clem

    they are all responsible, some people won't accept it but they all played a role. Walkers dont need noting but the stranger taking clem after she preumably went to him (i assume as i fail to see how he went in the house and took her, the camera also zoomed in on the radio and when you find her Clem says she's sorry) Lee is also partially to blame for letting clem being taken distract him from the dangers.

    The stranger is mainly to blame but like any situation there are multiple causes

    • And what are those multiple causes to you?

      • Um I said

        Stranger, Walkers, Lee and Clem . Probably in that order . I'm not saying I blame them but they all played a role, and Carley and Doug can't really be blamed it's just a bit too distant from them giving her batteries they didn't know it still worked or that someone would talk to her.

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    If you wanted to you could also blame Carley/Doug for giving Clementine the batteries for the broken walkie talkie, if they didn't give them to her she would never have gotten it fixed and she wouldn't have been able to talk to the stranger.

  • The most difficult question for me. I love Clem, but if I'll say that Lee's death wasn't her fault, it would be not quite right. There a lot of factors of his death, the main reason it's a Stranger of course, but if she had not fled in search of parents, then Lee wouldn't been bitten by the walker. But if Carley wouldn't gave the batteries for walkie-talkie to Clementine, then Stranger wouldn't even contact with Lee's group. So Clem's fault is 30%. The main cause of Lee's death it's a batteries. (no joking, fate it's a pretty ironical thing)

  • its not ONLY clem's fault,she played a part in lee's death but others were responsible aswell as :
    the stranger - using a little girl as a revange for stealing supplies
    walkers - lee got bit
    clem- not telling lee the stranger's plan

  • She's partly responsible. I think it would be interesting to see a guilt ridden clementine in season 2 trying to live with the fact that she had a part in Lee's death.

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    TheDuck BANNED

    I'm inclined to place all the blame on Clem. Yes, she's a kid, but that is the SECOND TIME in one episode where you tell her to stay in the house and she does not. She is mature for her age, she knows she's not supposed to go out, and she knows the streets are dangerous. All kids have been told not to trust strangers, and she has seen firsthand how people can betray you. A part of me understands, since we're talking about her parents, and this might be her only chance to learn what happened to them, but she has to be held responsible for her own behavior.

  • No. That crazy man kidnapped Clem because the group decided to steal the supplies from the van. Clem was the first one to say that it was a bad idea. It's everyone's fault BUT hers...

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    I don't know if the forum is glitching, but all the replies have vanished for me...

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